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Not only is the Justice League Dark movie still alive, amazingly, but now has an A-list producer

Justice League Dark movie

In news that should give hope to fans of any movie property that was at one point declared dead, DC and Warner Bros. appear to be adding a surprising new film to its already ambitious lineup.

According to, WB and DC are moving ahead with a Justice League Dark movie. To make it even better, Oscar winning producer Scott Rudin is attached. The film may take the name of the comic and be known as Justice League Dark, or it could go with the title of Dark Universe.

Long before DC and Warner Bros. announced their plans to take over the world with 10 films based on DC characters, there was a plan to bring a different kind of Justice League to the big screen.

The Justice League Dark film was the brainchild of Guillermo del Toro. He pitched the idea and wrote a screenplay without the studio’s input – it was just something he wanted to do. Given how big WB and DC plan to go with their properties, it’s fairly impressive that del Toro more or less just strolled into WB, kicked the doors of whatever execs open, then told them he was going to write, produce, and direct a major DC title.

The Justice League Dark comic is a major title in the DC universe, although it tells some off-kilter stories with lesser known characters. The series began after DC re-launched its universe, which among other things brought the character of John Constantine into the mainstream continuity.

DC decided to make Constantine the leader of a new kind of team, steeped in the occult. The members are all magic users, or have some supernatural connections. They operate as an offshoot of the Justice League, and take on paranormal and supernatural threats.

For years del Toro pushed for his Justice League Dark movie, even as WB announced its own plans for the character of Constantine. WB was willing to hear him out, but it seemed more like a courtesy than a real plan. The DC cinematic universe is set for the rest of the decade at least, and del Toro’s movie was basically a wildcard.

Still, he never gave up. Del Toro recently turned in his script, and left it at the mercy of WB’s execs. Given that WB had shown no interest in a Justice League Dark film, and given that del Toro’s script was submitted without anyone asking for it, it seemed like the project would die right there – or at least be put on the shelf until the DC cinematic universe could be fleshed out a bit.

Apparently, WB liked what del Toro turned in – liked it a lot, enough to add it to an already crowded docket. Filming is expected to begin in 2016, although a release date, or even a window wasn’t mentioned.

Unfortunately, del Toro probably won’t get the chance to direct. He is attached to several projects, including a sequel to Pacific Rim (although that film may be in trouble).

There will probably be a lot of changes made to the script. Del Toro wrote it as a stand alone project, but DC and WB will want to incorporate it in their cinematic universe.

The plot may change to match that, but rumors are that it will begin with a madman looking for ancient, occult tomes that will lead to the destruction of humanity. Constantine will catch wind of the plot, and create a team that includes Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan The Demon. Again though, that could change.

What really makes this seem like it has a chance though, is the involvement of Rudin.

Rudin has a lengthy filmography, but recently he is best known for producing The Social Network, and the upcoming Steve Jobs. He won an Oscar for producing No Country for Old Men, and he has produced several films that were nominated.

Rudin is also the only prouder that can legitimately sport an “EGOT” medallion. He has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

Now that Rudin is involved, the project should begin to gain some steam. With filming rumored to begin next year, casting should begin soon.



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