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So that Joker image from Suicide Squad may not be what he actually looks like

Joker without tattoos

Take this all with a massive grain of salt, but there is some evidence that Warner Bros. and Suicide Squad director David Ayer are either trolling us, or someone is going a very long way to make us think they are.

If you follow superhero movies are on the Internet, you probably saw the image of Jared Leto as the Joker, which Ayer released last week on Twitter. It was a different look at the character, complete with metal teeth and tattoos all over him, including one on his forehead that reads “Damaged.”

The Internet was split, as the Internet is always split when it comes to adaptations of comic characters. Some either liked it or are at least willing to give Leto the benefit of the doubt (especially after Heath Ledger’s much maligned casting as the Joker that led to an Oscar), while others thought it signaled the death of the Suicide Squad, and potentially another nail in the coffin on WB and DC’s entire shared universe.

A new batch of images comes from a site I hesitate to give any credit to thanks to its post-first-ask-questions-later, clicks make it legit approach, but it cites a supposed industry insider named Gabriel Gray, who posted images from the set that you can see below. He also added a note about the Joker.

“Here’s something that might be of interest to you comicbook fans. The promo picture of Leto in SuicideSquad isn’t what he’ll look like…,” Gray wrote.

Joker without tattoos

In the images, Leto is seen between takes without any visible tats, including the “Damaged” tattoo and the “J” tattoo clearly visible in the official release. He may be in between makeup sessions, but the blurry, enhanced image seems to be tattoo free as well. It’s difficult to see, but the metal teeth seem to be absent as well. Of all the changes to the Joker, those actually made the most sense, given the number of times Batman would have kicked them in over the years.

Another image leaked also seems to be tattoo free, but that could be a result of the lighting.

Or maybe the Suicide Squad’s budget is so incredible they just decided to add the tattoos with CGI, because what the hell.

Joker without tattoos

It’s weird that Ayer would release a seemingly official image of the Joker and then not actually use that same concept in the actual film, but the second image above also shows what looks like a slight cut on the Joker’s mouth, hinting at a scarred smile. That isn’t visible in the promotional image either, so maybe the director and WB are just messing with us.

Ayer’s image was also accompanied by a note wishing the character a happy 75th anniversary, so there’s a chance the photo was real, just never meant to be anything more than an anniversary treat. If so, it backfired.

What do you think?



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  1. Kit Dineen May 1, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    I can see the idea behind all the tats, but personally I find them pretty distracting and a little too on the nose. While face tattoos aren’t going to make or break an entire movie for me, I do kinda hope they’re not there.


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