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Join a Live Ghost Hunt Tonight on Twitter

Join a Live Ghost Hunt Tonight on Twitter

Tonight on Twitter, Xfinity will present Project Dead Zone, a live ghost hunt at the Winchester Mystery House where users control the investigation.

In a new twist on an old idea, tonight on Twitter Xfinity is going to air a paranormal investigation. There’s nothing new about that, especially around Halloween, but the twist is that the followers on Twitter will be able to tell the investigators where to go, what to do, and presumably help call out if they see something.

The event is called “Project Dead Zone,” and it takes place live on Xfinity’s Twitter page tonight, October 16, at 7 pm PDT. The investigation takes place at the infamous Winchester Mystery House, a location well-known for its ghostly activities and, well, mysteries.

If you aren’t familiar with the name, the Winchester Mystery House was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester and daughter-in-law of Oliver Winchester, the progenitor of the Winchester rifle. Following her husband William’s death, the widow moved to San Jose, California with a fortune that in today’s economy would be worth more than a half a billion dollars, and in 1884 she began construction on a new mansion. Then it started getting weird.

For the next 38 years until her death in 1922, Sarah Winchester had crews working on the house constantly. She would give the crews new orders, sometimes written on napkins or scratch paper, and paid them three times more than the normal rate. As a result, the crews were more than happy to build stairs leading to nowhere, misshapen room, and doors that opened onto brick walls – sometimes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The house began with eight core rooms and grew to around 200 room. It features 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, 2,000 doors (not counting the multiple trap doors), and plenty of spy holes. By the time of her death, according to legend not even the widow herself could identify the original rooms. Even now, the house’s curators continue to find new mysteries, including rooms that were sealed off and forgotten.

The reason for the bizarre nature of the house is up for debate, but there is a popular theory – and not just a “you know what sounds cool…” type of theory, but a “kind of based on evidence” theory.

In a short period of time, Sarah Winchester suffered a huge amount of loss. After her father-in-law passed away and her husband took over the firearms business, their infant daughter died suddenly. William Winchester followed soon after, leaving Sarah a widow. Not long after, she fell in with a medium who told her that angry spirits were following her and may have contributed to the deaths of her family. Given that it was a time when people gave a huge amount of credence to mediums, Sarah Winchester took it seriously. She began by moving west – or perhaps fleeing west – and building a new home. For the next few decades, Sarah Winchester was said to believe she was haunted by the spirits of those that were killed by Winchester rifles.

That much is all believed to be true and confirmed. The questionable part is what the house was four. The most popular theory is that the Winchester Mystery House was built in a confusing fashion to fool the ghosts and leave them trapped, giving her some peace. Another theory suggests that she meticulously designed the house as a way to free spirits. Another theory still suggests that the spirits (or other causes) drove Sarah Winchester mad, and the house is just a physical manifestation of that madness – or in the case of an extremely rich person, her “eccentricities.”

Whatever the reason, the house is said to be extremely haunted. It’s become a hotspot for paranormal investigators and so it’s not surprising that it was chosen for this event.

Xfinity is also using the event to promote its own services and hardware, naturally. Teams will set up xFi Gateways and xFi Pods to ensure that the entire 24,000-square-foot mansion is covered in WiFi. It will then all be streamed using Xfinity’s broadband service. Then after the paranormal team resets the modem two or three times and has a frustrating call with an indifferent tech support that suggests just unplugging everything and plugging it back in, we’ll get to the ghost hunting.

Check it out tonight.



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