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Jimmy Fallon geeks out over the Nintendo Switch

Jimmy Fallon geeks out over the Nintendo Switch

If you ever wonder whether or not Jimmy Fallon is a real gamer or just a guy that wants to appeal to gamers, look no further than the video below. Fallon geeks out hard when the Nintendo Switch is brought out during his show. Hard. And let’s be honest – while Fallon is a good and likable TV personality, he’s not that good of an actor. His freak out is genuine.

The clip below was a segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Nintendo of America’s president and chief operating officer, Reggie Fils-Aime, brought Nintendo’s new mobile game, Super Mario Run, along with the Nintendo Switch playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Fils-Aime also brought along Shigeru Miyamoto, allowing Fallon gush over him a bit (understandably so).

Although the Switch was the major draw of the segment, the look at Nintendo’s first ever mobile game is also worth a watch. Mobile games are pretty much taken for granted at this point, but given Nintendo’s former reluctance to develop for mobile this marks a huge shift in the focus of the company. Thanks in part to the failure of the Wii U, Nintendo began to look for alternative sources of revenue, and mobile was an obvious target.

If you want to skip over that, however, you can jump to the 4:55 mark or so. The demo doesn’t really show us anything we haven’t already seen, but Fallon’s enthusiasm – especially when he realizes that he will be playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ­– is undeniable. The way he impatiently waits for Fils-Aime to hand over the controller should be a familiar sight for gamers.

Possibly the most important moment of the segment happened when Fils-Aime mentioned that more information about the Switch will be coming on January 12, 2017. Hopefully, it will answer some of our more pressing questions.

Maybe Nintendo will head back to the Tonight Show and hit Fallon with Nintendo nuggets until the host passes out. For now though, check out the clip below.



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