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Is Japanese Pizza Delivery Racing the next big thing? No, probably not

Is Japanese Pizza Delivery Racing the next big thing? No, probably not

If it has wheels, you can pretty much guarantee that eventually, someone will try to race it. Seriously, people in England race wheels of cheese. And when you add in an engine things only get crazier.

In densely populated countries like Japan, delivery services need to get a little creative. In America, anyone with any type of car can potentially be a delivery person, but in many nations it’s not practical to use a standard car. Instead, many delivery people use a modified scooter capable of carrying whatever the product is. And in Japan, much like America, pizza delivery is important.

So naturally, someone thought it would be a good idea to race pizza delivery scooters. Because why not?

It’s actually not all that weird. Sure, the delivery scooters look a little odd when you see them whip around corners with drivers leaning out so far their knees are dragging the ground like in motorcycle racing, but in practice it’s not that odd. Scooter racing is fairly common in Japan, with leagues popping up all over the place. It’s a serious pursuit, and although they are still scooters, they are the most finely tuned scooters you could imagine. They are bad ass scooters. They are booters.

But that’s a different thing. This is Japanese pizza delivery racing. Check it out below and enjoy.




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