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Japanese show dresses man like a crocodile, then tosses him in with real crocs

japanese game show crocodile prank

Many Japanese shows tend to walk a thin line between hilarity and tragedy. The clip below is a little of both.

The video is listed as a “prank,” which doesn’t seem like quite the right word.  “Stunt” would be closer, but insanity might also fit. It’s a “prank” in the same way that Jackass does pranks. Even by Jackass standards though, this one seems a little nuts.

In the video, a man is challenged/ordered to put on a foam crocodile suit, then crawl into an area infested with real crocodiles. He is then tasked to go touch one. He does so by slapping one of them as it swims by. You don’t need to be particularly well versed on the nature of crocodiles to know that this is a spectacularly bad idea.

It really is only a matter of time before someone dies on Japanese TV.  That’s pretty much just a given at this point. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of equally insane shows broadcast around the world, but the concentration in Japan is impressively staggering.

The video plays out about how you might expect, just without the horrible death. It’s a close call though on at least two occasions.

He almost has his face ripped off, nearly drowns, and would have probably been pulled to his death if not for the people nearby, all while the audience watches with possibly disappointed delight.

Check it out below, and for as much crap as we give the Japanese shows, we’ll probably have many more clips like this to post in the future.



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