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Japanese show inches closer to its goal of killing someone on air

Japanese game show bear fails to eat woman

A Japanese game show bear failed at its one and only task of eating a woman in a box, much to the disappointment of audiences.

There will be a day in the near future when someone dies on a Japanese game show. It’s really just a matter of time. So far, contestants have managed to dodge that particular bullet – or bear or crocodile as the case may be – but the day is getting ever closer.

During the Japanese show Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q! (which, according to Google, translates to Sekai No Hatte Madde Itte Q!, for what that’s worth), a woman was put in a plastic cube. A bear was then introduced to mess with her.

The why and the how of the show really don’t matter at this point. There was probably a cash prize or something, but the end result is that a bear tried its best to get inside the plastic box to the delicious looking prize inside.

To make the video just a bit more disturbing, it’s presented without the traditional, overly excited Japanese announcer. Usually, the terror is slightly downplayed thanks to an announcer or group of announcers laughing along with a studio audience that is having a blast.

Instead, the only audio in the clip below is the terrified screams of the woman and the exertion of the massive bear as it tries to kill her. It’s a sociopath’s delight.

While this clip is a bit disturbing, it is far from the most extreme example of Japanese game shows. On the other end of the spectrum, a recent Japanese game show distracted contestants by giving them handjobs. And that was only part of the weirdness – the contestants had to stare at each other while they were being jerked off.

It is exactly as disturbing as it sounds.

By comparison, the shows where the contestants simply had to try a bite of what may be chocolate or may be furniture was positively tame.

Check it out, then feel bad for enjoying it.



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