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And now, a Japanese game show where people eat furniture and shoes

And now, a Japanese game show where people eat furniture and shoes

A recent Japanese game show challenged celebrities to a game of chance. The contestants were Japanese furniture chocolate. Some were given furniture.

When artificial intelligence finally becomes self-aware and it begins to consume our pop culture in order to better understand us, we are in deep, deep trouble when it gets to the Japanese game show section.

Sometimes the subject of the Japanese game show is just a cool challenge, like Lionel Messi proving that he isn’t really from Earth when he does things with a soccer ball no one really thought possible. Sometimes it’s a case of the show dressing someone up like a crocodile and throwing him in a tank where he then must slap a living croc

And sometimes it’s something really weird, like challenging celebrities to taste a shoe that may be an actual shoe, or it may be chocolate.

The best is the confused look on the faces of the contestants as they aren’t sure, even after they’ve tried to take a bite. To add insult to injury, a few of the contestants are blasted in the face with smoke, which doesn’t look all that fun.

The show is as much about the fairly amazing chocolate making techniques as it is about making the celebrities look silly – that’s just a bonus. To be fair, Japanese shows do that all the time anyway, so the emphasis is more on the chocolate.

This clip is actually from late 2013, but forcing people to bite wooden clothes hangers never gets old. There’s even a part where a lady bites down on what may or may not be glass. That would either be hilarious or really, really not, depending on the results.

Check it out below and cross your fingers that one day we’ll see American movie stars and the like bite down an what may or may not be a shoe. Because that’s a thing now.



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