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The Spider-Man movie has 5 potential directors, 2 stars, and 1 possible plot outline

Possible Spider-Man directors

Sony is wasting no time in putting together its third Spider-Man franchise since 2002. Now with Marvel in its corner, the studio has narrowed down the list of directors to five (technically six, since one of the potentials is a directing duo), and the list of possible stars to two.

Allegedly, of course.

When it comes to casting news like this, the studios could be caught in the act of handing a contract to the stars and they would act as if they didn’t speak any human languages, and had never heard the word “movie” anyway. Even if the news is 100-percent accurate, don’t expect any confirmations until Sony and Marvel are good and ready.

Possible Spider-Man directors

Asa Butterfield

According to Deadline, the list of potential directors has been narrowed to five. There may be a late addition or someone in contention that wasn’t leaked, but these five seem to at least by on the list.

The potential helmers include: Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), Ted Melfi (St. Vincent), Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect), and John Francis Daly & Jonathan M. Goldstein (directors of the upcoming National Lampoon’s Vacation reboot, Vacation).

A decision could come as quickly as next week. Given that Spider-Man will first appear in Captain America: Civil War, which just began filming, the studio may elect to lock down a star first.

Sony and Marvel are apparently looking at the film as the first in what could be three or four films, each possibly focusing on a different year of Peter Parker’s life in high school. It will begin with Parker already active as Spidey, and the first film at least will be a coming of age story in the vein of a John Hughes movie.

Possible Spider-Man directors

Tom Holland

The rumors are that the frontrunners for the role of Parker are Asa Butterworth (Ender’s Game, Hugo) and Tom Holland (The Impossible, How I Live Now). Again, there could be a late challenger or someone completely off the radar, but these two seem to be the top contenders.

Sony and Marvel could end up going in a different direction altogether, and laugh as they announced that the star will be a genetically grown clone specifically bred to be Spidey, but it at least gives us an idea of where the film is heading.

Parker will be young, which will create an interesting dichotomy when he his thrown into the middle of Civil War, and it seems to echo a lot of the Ultimates story, with a younger Spidey trying to hold his own with the grownups.

Given how popular the character is, and given that the studio is casting young, you can also make the argument that the Marvel will in some ways center around the growth and maturation of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. After appearing in Civil War and his own film, he will almost certainly be in one or both parts of Avengers: Infinity War, and both Marvel and Sony would be crazy not to have him appear in as many films as their contract allows.

The new Spidey could be a connecting thread through several Marvel films – and possibly even TV shows. Charlie Cox recently said he would love to see Spider-Man and Daredevil appear together, although that was just his opinion.

For now though, the focus is on Civil War and the upcoming standalone Spider-Man movie. That film will hit theaters on July 28, 2017 – and while we’re tossing rumors around, that film is rumored to be called “Spider-Man: The New Avenger.” That may just be the working title though.



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