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It Turns Out That an Abandoned Nuclear Plant Makes for Great Audio

It Turns Out That an Abandoned Nuclear Plant Makes for Great Audio

The band Thunderpussy set up inside the cooling tower of an abandoned nuclear plant to record a music video, and the audio is amazing.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “you know where we should get together and play? An abandoned nuclear power plant!” Well, then you are in luck! And you’re probably a little odd at parties, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

The band “Thunderpussy” decided to head to an abandoned nuclear power plant to record the video for their upcoming song “Torpedo Love.” The plant was abandoned long ago, of course (it would make for a much different and horrifying experience if it wasn’t), and so they took advantage of the structure’s unique shape.

The band set up in the center of a former cooling tower, a concrete cylindrical structure that has an exposed top. It’s the iconic structure people think of when they imagine a nuclear power plant, and it also turns out to have killer acoustics.

The band recorded three examples of those acoustics, each using a different instrument. The first was recorded by producer Sylvia Massey and she seemed to start a trend. Check out all three videos below, and if any Eurovision entrants are looking for an audio gimmick, here you go.

Cooling Tower Snare Drum

Cooling Tower Bass




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