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If you want to up your sky diving game, try jumping with no parachute

If you want to up your sky diving game, try jumping with no parachute

The extreme sports threshold recently took a big step forward – or maybe down – when a man decided to go skydiving, but voluntarily left his parachute at home. It wasn’t as suicidal as it sounds, as skydiver Luke Aikins set the record for jumping with no parachute. It was, however, crazy.

Aikins jumped from a plane and freefell for 25,000 feet before landing in a net. A very good net, but still a net. It all worked out and the landing went perfectly, but it raises a lot of questions as to Aikins’s mental health.

With something like this, even if things go exactly to plan there are so many variables to consider. A gust of wind could have knocked him off course and he might miss the target. The net might have broken. He could have hit the net and broken something (like his neck). The cameras recording him might have cut out. A bird could see this as its chance to avenge its brethren against its human oppressors. The list is endless.

It’s one thing to do something like this for fame and glory, even cash prizes. It’s another to do it for a two minute internet video. But who knows, maybe there is a great backstory here.

Maybe he did it for the love of a woman who had been wooed away by an even more extreme daredevil that juggles flaming chainsaws and this was his chance to one-up his rival. Or maybe Old Man McCreary of the bank was about to foreclose on the local rec gym, and Aikins and his band of wacky misfit friends came together with an idea on how to raise a little money and save it.

Whatever the reason, Aikins’s extreme attempted suiciide is now your gain. Check it out below and enjoy.



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