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If you don’t like heights, don’t watch this extreme mountain biker

If you don’t like heights, don’t watch this extreme mountain biker

Extreme mountain biker Dan Atherton wore a GoPro while running down an intense and potentially insane course in Wales, and it’s dizzying.

If you’ve ever looked at a mountain bike and thought to yourself “I should grab one of those and go shred some mountain paths,” you should moderate your expectations. Some trails are gentle, sloping through rolling hills. Others are… well, they are like the clip below.

During the Red Bull Hardline track race, British competitor Dan Atherton elected to wear a GoPro camera and rip through the course. It’s intense. It also helps to fulfill the unwritten rule about GoPro films – they need to offer something spectacular. If anything, this borders on mundane, given the bounty of crazy GoPro videos, but then he takes the jump and it gets a little more holy crap-ish.

Atherton tears through the track like he’s playing a video game, hitting corners and jumps with nary a thought. It’s impressive at first, then gets borderline hard to watch as he starts to get some air with potentially brutal consequences.

The track in the video is located in Wales, and Atherton himself actually helped to design it. Despite that, he actually came in 13th out of 14. His final time was 3.47.66, 15.20 seconds behind the winner, Great Britain’s Bernard Kerr, who finished in 3.32.46. Of course, most of us would probably die about three seconds in, so respect to Atherton.

Check out the video below.