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The Weird Japanese Game Show That Doesn’t Take Kindly to Wrong Answers

weird Japanese game show

Japan has no shortage of weird stuff on TV, but this weird Japanese game show involving contestants being forced to sniff people’s crotches is way up there.

There really is nothing in the world quite like a Japanese game show. They range from incredible to funny to horrifying – and sometimes they are a little of all three.

The clip below is from a Japanese game show that was posted to YouTube in 2012. That doesn’t necessarily mean it aired in 2012, but really, when you have contestant having their face shoved into someone’s crotch, it is timeless.

As for the show, it’s about… well, I’m not sure knowing would actually explain things. It appears that people are asked questions, and for each question they answer incorrectly, a man in his underwear carried by a mannequin gets closer to jamming his butt directly in the face of the contestant. Pretty standard.

Every time I write about Japanese game shows, I end up writing new sentences I never thought I would ever write. Seriously, I trained in fiction and write satire and sci-fi, and yet Japanese game shows have expanded my writing in unforeseen and bizarre ways. And really, that sums up Japanese game shows fairly well.

So yeah, in this one, a couple of guys have their faces shoved into the asses of whoever is opposite them. A rival contestant? A friend? An enemy? Who knows.

Check it out below, and let us know if you come across a weird Japanese game show, or any weird shows in that mold from any country – looking at you, Turkey. Right at you.



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