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I already have high hopes for Far Cry Primal, and this dev diary helps

Far Cry Primal

Full disclosure: I am currently playing a review copy of Far Cry Primal provided by the publisher. I will have a guide up for it next week, although I have not yet played much beyond the opening.

When Ubisoft announced Far Cry Primal I was a little on the fence about it. It just felt kind of rushed – Far Cry 4 was released in November 2014, and 15 months later we have a sequel. That typically indicates a reskinned game rather than a new one.

The more I see about it though, the more encouraged I am.

Ubisoft recently released a new developer diary for the game, which you can watch below. It is the fourth in a series, but this one stands out both as a de facto launch trailer, and because it highlights what makes Far Cry Primal somewhat unique – the Stone Age setting.

As noted above, I have played the opening of the game, but not much more. At most I’ve put an hour into it, but it was a good hour.

The game starts with you on a hunting party, tracking a herd of Mammoths. Using crude spears and teamwork, we took it down. Then things happen that I won’t spoil, but I found myself really liking the idea that it is a familiar game, just without the reliance on standard weapons.

I play a lot of shooters. I have no problems with the violence in itself, it’s just getting a little boring. I can’t even begin to estimate how many enemies I’ve shot in video games – hundreds of thousands probably. I appreciate the switch to ancient weaponry if for no other reason than to break up the monotony.

On top of that, I like that the game is based during an era that is mostly unexplored in entertainment, at least compared to other eras. My hope is that the setting is more than just a skin tossed on the Far Cry mechanics. I’ll find out soon enough, but the clip below is encouraging.

Check it out and look for our Far Cry Primal tips and tricks guide next week.



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