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How to fall asleep in 60 seconds

How to fall asleep in 60 seconds

This isn’t really the type of article we generally run here at DBP, but it is science-y, and it’s something that probably affects a lot of our readers.

Personally, I’ve long seen sleep as an inconvenience. It gets in the way of me doing other, super important stuff like binge watching Game of Thrones and playing video games. Averaging five hours of sleep is normal, right?

As I get older though, I find my coffee-to-bodily-fluids ratio is increasing at an alarming rate, which in turn leads to insomnia. And for as annoying and inconvenient as sleep might be, it is nothing compared to insomnia.

Insomnia is the ultimate waste of time. It robs you of the benefits of sleep, while forbidding you from perusing other pursuits. I hate it and it’s dumb. If I could punch insomnia in the face if I would.

There’s a new trick to help you get to sleep though. It utilizes a new breathing method known as the 4-7-8 breathing technique, and it can help you get to sleep in under 60 seconds.

Not to sound like an info-mercial, but I’ve used it a few times already and it has worked each time. I can’t guarantee it was 100-percent the breathing and not me just being tired, but so far so good.

The method is easy, and it won’t require you to do anything special beyond a few simple breathing techniques. There are six steps, and you just repeat them until you abandon consciousness.

The steps

  1. Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, touching the back of your teeth. Leave it there for the whole exercise.
  2. Exhale once through your mouth.
  3. Close your mouth and inhale for a count of four through your nose.
  4. Hold your breath and count to seven.
  5. Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds in one breathe.
  6. Inhale again, and repeat the process for a total of four breaths.

If you need to continue to do this, go ahead, but it should work in one, maybe two full cycles. The reason it works is that the oxygen supposedly relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn calms you down. That lowers your stress level.

It sounds a bit like pseudo-science, but if it works, it works. More than anything, it makes you focus on the breathing and clear your mind.

So next time you wonder how to fall asleep in 60 seconds, give this a try, then let us know if it worked!



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