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How to escape a flash flood like a boss

How to escape a flash flood like a boss

A driver shows off how to escape a flash flood when they are caught in one in California’s SR 23 highway. Do not try this at home.

Flash floods are assholes. They can happen at any time (assuming the conditions are rights), and they sort of look like nature has had enough of our shit and is fighting back.

How to escape flash floods has been a common question here in the Pacific Northwest over the last few months. Portland had record rainfall in December, which in turn caused the little bastards to strike throughout the region.

California has been getting dumped on fairly epically as well, and for the same reason: El niño is trying to murder the West Coast. Flash floods are just one of the weapons, but they a brutal one at that.

The clip below was originally credited to Mark Chagaris before making its way to Internet fame courtesy of KSL 5 TV, a Salt Lake City TV station. The recording, however, was taken on the Californian highway, SR 23, located between Filmore and Malibu, northwest of Los Angeles.

It’s not clear exactly who the driver is, but the clip shows them heading up the rural highway, surrounded by woods when a flash flood is seen coming down the highway. Luckily the driver has a few seconds to see it coming, and so decides to run from it. In reverse. Down a mountain road. With a flash flood chasing them.

Basically, this is how to escape a flash flood like a boss.

And it’s a good thing they get away when they do. It’s a little tough to tell exactly how powerful the flood is – at least until you see the branches and small trees rushing down the road. It’s powerful enough that the flood could probably have carried the car right off the road.

Best case scenario: the car slams into a guardrail. Worst case: it goes over the road and down a ravine. Flash floods ain’t no joke.

Once the car is far enough away, it does a proper turn and GTFOs. Hopefully, the car behind them was smart enough to do the same.

Anyway, check out the clip below.

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Posted by KSL 5 TV on Friday, January 8, 2016



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