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Tom Hiddleston in talks to be the new James Bond, but he may not be alone

Tom Hiddleston in talks to be the new James Bond, but he may not be alone

There are reportedly two names currently on the top of the list to be the new James Bond, but one is pulling ahead. Click here to find out who!

Oh wait, we’re already in the article. There’s nowhere else to click. We never could get the hang of this whole clickbait thing.

Anyway, last week Daniel Craig turned down a reported $99 million to reprise his role as James Bond. The mourning period was brief though, and it was quickly replaced by the question of who would replace him. Unlike the transition between Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig, or the change from Timothy Dalton to Brosnan, the Bond franchise is currently at its peak and the producers are eager to keep making films in the very near future. There will be a delay as the new actor is chosen and a new direction is settled on to match the change, but it will be brief.

That also means there will be a new Bond soon, possibly very soon.

So far there have been two names mentioned as potential replacements: Tom Hiddleston and Jamie Bell. The producers aren’t commenting so these are still technically rumors, but both have multiple sources confirming the meetings. Plus, the day Craig confirmed he was out, betting services announced the smart money was on Hiddleston.

That in itself doesn’t really mean much though. The producers may end up meeting with dozens of actors – it is a huge, life-changing role. There will be plenty of people that are interested, it really just depends on what direction the filmmakers want to go with the new Bond. They probably won’t want a Craig clone, but they also won’t want to stray too far from the currently formula, which is a proven success.

Of the two, Bell is the more surprising candidate. At 30, he would be the youngest actor to play Bond since George Lazenby (although Sean Connery was only 32 when he appeared in Dr. No). Bell reportedly met with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, but report that came soon after that claims that the 35-year old Hiddleston is not only the favorite, he is in “advanced talks” to take the role, according to people in the actor’s camp. He hasn’t officially been offered the role, but unsurprisingly he very much wants it.

There is a huge gap between being in talks and actually landing the role, and there could still be several others that are set to meet with the producers – any one of which could impress them and win it – but Hiddleston appears to currently be the frontrunner.

Given the determination to get another Bond film into theaters soon, expect to hear a decision within the next few months, if not weeks.



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