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Here’s Yet Another Good Reason Not to Pee in an Elevator

Here’s Yet Another Good Reason Not to Pee in an Elevator

CCTV footage from China shows what could happen when you pee in an elevator on the buttons, and it isn’t great.

This really shouldn’t be a topic of discussion in civilized society, but you probably shouldn’t pee in an elevator for fun. And if you do, you definitely shouldn’t pee on the buttons. That might seem like an obvious statement, but it’s a lesson that a boy in China learned the hard way.

CCTV footage taken from the Chongqing Municipality in southwestern China shows a boy apparently trying to pull a prank in the apartment building where he lived. Pretty hilarious, right? The next person to use the elevator would hit a floor button and then have pee on their hands. The kid would then, presumably, point and laugh while calling the prank victim “pee hands” or something equally devastating. Hilarious, but also prone to backfire.

When the liquid hits the buttons it got behind the panel and into the circuitry. That then caused a short, trapping the kid in the elevator, an elevator that probably started to stink pretty quickly.

He wasn’t trapped too long, but it did require the building’s maintenance to come and rescue him. Reportedly they didn’t know what happened at first and the kid wasn’t about to tell them he peed on the control panel. Once the footage came out it was tougher to deny. His parents tried anyway, but their reply was a little soft. “He can’t pee that high,” they said. Not a glowing defense.

The maintenance team got to work and the kid’s parents were charged for the damage. Meanwhile, the kid learned a valuable lesson, maybe.

Anyway, just don’t pee on elevator buttons.



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