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Here’s why you probably shouldn’t go into the Paris Catacombs

Here’s why you probably shouldn’t go into the Paris Catacombs

I was hesitant to post this video as part of our Halloween lead up. On one hand, there are no ghosts to be found. On the other, it may be one of the freakiest videos we’ve featured yet.

If you aren’t familiar with the Paris catacombs, well, go read a book. They are infamous, and have a good argument for being among the most F-ed up places on Earth.

It’s difficult to trace an exact date for the catacombs. The marshy fields of Paris were used as burial grounds as far back as the 5th century when the Romans were active in the area. That ground was abandoned for hundreds of years though, until Parisians decided to re-settle it int he 10th century. When they did, they began building directly on top of countless remains.

To add chocolate to the creepy peanut butter, the area was also used for mining. Over the years the mines were depleted, but left unfilled. This eventually led to sinkholes and cave ins throughout the 18th century. When the Les Innocents cemetery collapsed, it created a horrific problem as the city was suddenly faced with the bones of thousands upon thousands of unknown bodies.

In 1785, it was decided that the dead of Paris should be consolidated into one massive mausoleum of sorts. For weeks, black wagons were seen on the streets at night, hauling the remains of Paris’ dead to already extensive underground tunnels system.

By 1787, the catacombs were officially open and visitors began to tour them. Over the centuries, the catacombs have been completely reshaped by cave-ins, floods, construction, and more. People frequently attempt to explore them on their own, and frequently they never come back. The catacombs go on for miles, and maps are basically useless.

The footage below has become somewhat famous in France as a warning not to try to explore the catacombs. The man filming apparently heads deep into the tunnel system, probably just exploring for the sake of exploring. He seems to become lost though, and begins to freak out. Then he starts running, almost as if something is following him…

The camera was found at some point after it was dropped. As for the man, no one knows what happened. He may have found a way out and simply never came forward when the footage made headlines – it is technically illegal to enter the catacombs, but that doesn’t stop anyone.

Or his body is still somewhere in the catacombs, along with many others.

The real question is why did he drop the camera? Sure, if he were lost it might seem like dead weight, but it could also be a source of light.

A group actually went looking for the man and spent 12 hours tracking his movement deep into the tunnels based on the footage. They found nothing.

Regardless, it is a creepy video taken in a creepy place. Check it out.



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