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Here’s Why You Don’t Get out of Your Car in a Safari Park

Here’s Why You Don’t Get out of Your Car in a Safari Park

If you’ve ever been to an animal park where you drive through, there are set rules stating you when in a car in a safari park, you shouldn’t get out– here’s why not.

Of all the animals on the planet, human beings are both the smartest and dumbest. So even though there are clear indications telling us not to do something, even though hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution should have weeded some of these habits out, there will always be someone that ignores the rules of man and nature and does whatever the hell they want, even if it is the dumbest thing imaginable in the circumstance.

Case and point: Ever been to an animal preserve or safari park where you drive your car around a large, but enclosed area and see wild animals in a semi-natural state? If so, then you’ve probably heard the lecture from the park staff on why you absolutely should never, ever, under any circumstances leave your car. And yet…

Such was the case for a family of five driving through the Safari Park Beekse Bergen in Holland. The park is home to many animals that are able to roam freely, and as a result you are not only encouraged to stay in your car, you’d be tempting fate to do otherwise. It’s not clear what made this family think it was safe to hop out of their car and go try to get a closer look at the animals, but they did, and they very nearly paid for it.

In the clip below, you can see the family get a few dozen yards from their car when a pair of cheetahs decide whether or not they want to eat out tonight. The good news is that no one was hurt – we wouldn’t show you a snuff film (without warning) – but the big, fast-moving cats do aggressively approach the family of nitwits and chase them back into their car. According to the park staff the cheetahs were (thankfully) not hungry at the time, but they were more than willing to protect their territory.

It’s weirdly common for people to be killed by a predatory animal while in a safari park of some form, and it happens a few times a year. It’s usually the result of someone doing something dumb, like feeding a bear by hand or stopping to take pictures of a lion and forgetting to roll the window up, but it can happen anywhere.

Check out the clip below and please remember that if you are going to challenge nature, at least make it tough for the animals.



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