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A closer look at the open world, monster-hunting Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay

The days of the console exclusive titles seem to be on the decline, but that doesn’t mean they are gone. In fact, E3 this year had a few exclusives that stole the show, including the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

When it was unveiled, it immediately had peoples’ interest. With mouths agog and thumbs rapidly tweeting, the game went from zero to “most wanted” at breakneck speed.

Of course, we still didn’t know jack about it really.

It comes from Guerrilla Games, the makers of the Killzone series, and it will be a PS4 exclusive, scheduled for release in 2016. It features mechanized dinosaur-like monsters that you fight, and it takes place roughly 1,000 years in the future, long after an apocalypse has made humanity recede to tribes of hunter-gatherers.

The game was also billed as an open world action-adventure with a bit of RPG thrown in – think The Witcher 3, Skyrim, and countless others that offer players the option of wandering around until their friends, spouses, and/or significant others give you up for dead.

Despite that familiar trapping, part of what makes the game so appealing is simply that it’s new. Sequels and reboots stole E3, as they tend to do in all entertainment fields, but this was something new and shiny. It didn’t really give us much to judge it by though, but it generated a lot of goodwill.

Even now we don’t know a lot about Horizon: Zero Dawn, but Guerrilla released a new trailer filled with gameplay footage. It doesn’t fill in all the gaps, but it shows off a bit of why you should be excited.

And you should be excited. From the video, it may shares some similarities to other games, but it also doesn’t look exactly like any other game out there. If fighting those giant bosses pays off – and it looks like they are somewhat epic fights – Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to be another good reason to buy a PS4.

So go, check it out and be excited. And try not to get the game confused with the New Horizons probe like I did about four times while writing this article.



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