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Here are the first games headed to the Nintendo NX (maybe)

Here are the first Nintendo NX games

During its livestream, Squenix Square Enix revealed that it is developing Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI for the next Nintendo console, currently named the Nintendo NX. That would make them the first titles confirmed for the new system.

Of course, as soon as Square Enix realized that it was first out of the gate, it immediately walked back its statements. Soon after the livestream, a spokesman for Square Enix told Gamespot that release platforms are currently “under consideration,” and that the company didn’t have “any further information to share at the moment.”

The Square Enix rep then threw down a smoke bomb and promptly disappeared.

The third version of Dragon Quest X is already available for the PC, Wii, and Wii U. It will soon be joined by ports for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4.

Nintendo has yet to officially unveil its new console other than to confirm that one is on the way. Reports from  Foxcon Electronics – the infamous electronics manufacturer in China that once had working conditions so bad they had to put up nets to stop people from committing suicide, but it makes all out best tech so people ignored it – claim that the console may begin full scale manufacturing as soon as October. That would put the Nintendo NX’s release in early to mid-2016.

With that kind of release window, Nintendo should be making an official statement in the very near future. With the untimely death of its CEO and President Satoru Iwata, Nintendo likely has other concerns, namely appointing the fifth president in the company’s 125 year history.

Once white smoke is seen coming from Nintendo’s HQ and a new boss is named, there will likely be a brief transition period. Whoever that new president is will likely then have the honor of starting out their career by announcing the Nintendo NX (or whatever it is inevitably named).

When that occurs, there will be several new games announced to go along with the new Dragons Quest (allegedly).



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