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Introducing head tennis, the best new sport since ‘Ouch my balls!’

head tennis

There’s a new sport taking Europe by storm: head tennis. The game plays like table tennis, but as the name suggests, you use your head. 

There’s a new sport in Europe that’s growing in popularity, and it is very weird. Behold, the new sport of head tennis!

The sport seems to have originated in Germany, and it has a strong following in the UK. It has official leagues that are overseen by an organization known as Headis, which has been in operation for at least four years judging by its YouTube page, probably longer.

The league’s FAQ page is a little vague on details. According to an answer roughly translated from German, to play “You need a) a table tennis table, b) a Headis – Ball (Not to do a board and anything that jumps, but makes much less fun). Hands easily go to the plate in the knee, always have the ball in the view and then chip away from the bottom to the end. Otherwise, you can do what you want.”

The game seems straightforward enough. You have a soft rubber ball that weighs between 95 and 100 grams. With the exception of the serve, you only touch the ball with your head. It’s basically table tennis, but you use your head and a rubber ball instead of a paddle and a plastic ball.

The sport is unisex as well, apparently (the translation is a little rough). “The large differences do not exist when Headis. Girls can Headis play just as well as boys, because it does not depend on maximum power, when the guys saw antroprometrisch you know, are at an advantage.”

It’s not tough to play either, as the question “IS HEADIS PLAY HARD?” wisely asks. The answer is… well, just read it.

“No, one should, however, constantly supported at the beginning of the disk, which is a huge advantage and helps to orientate themselves and to keep the distance from the head to disk.”

Seems clear enough. It doesn’t really address the negatives of constantly whipping your head around to hit something over and over again, but whatevs.

There are even rankings. The German “Head Infarction” is on top of the standings. Whether that’s a team or a person isn’t really clear, but they have 1480 World Cup Points, and 12 “Tournaments in Standings,” whatever that means. Their lead is secure, but “Leek Face” is in second place with 1036 and climbing. Maybe. It’s not really clear.

Anyway, check out the top ten plays below.



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