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163-year old hotel introduces Harry Potter themed rooms, complete with spell books

harry potter hotel

Muggles that love Harry Potter – like, really love Harry Potter – can rejoice, as a new Harry Potter themed hotel experience has opened in London. The rooms come complete with Harry Potter trappings, a Potter-infused tour of London, and more, according to the Mirror.

The 163-year old Georgian House Hotel has a handful of rooms available that are designed to look like rooms at Hogwarts. Included in the price of the room, guests receive a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio and The Making of Harry Potter Tour, and each room offers trunks, potion bottles, and spell books.

Those interested in indulging their Harry Potter fantasies will need to swing by Gringotts and pick up some gold – and not a small amount, either. A room with the Harry Potter theme, but missing some of the bells and whistles, will run you £209 for two people. A small “Wizards Chamber” that sleeps three people will run £249 per night, and the deluxe five person rooms will run you £363. For those on this side of the pond considering apparating over to Jolly Ol,’ you’ll need to plan on spending $336 for the small room, $401 for the triple sleeper, and $585 for the top of the line.

The hotel is accepting reservations now.

Despite the Harry Potter book and film series concluding, the property continues to roll on. A trilogy of films set decades before the events of the primary story, called Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, is on the way. A new short story from author J.K. Rowling featuring Delores Umbridge is due on Halloween, and several theme parks are already open,with more on the way. And considering that Warner Bros. probably enjoys the odd billion profit, don’t expect to see the end of Harry Potter any time soon.




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