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Two taunt the Darwin Awards and hang from a crane high above Moscow for… fun?

hang from a crane

When someone dies trying to pull off an insane stunt for a wannabe viral video, I’m not going to say I told you so – eh, who am I kidding? I’m totally going to say I told everyone so. That day hasn’t come yet, but it is getting closer.

Last week Damien Walters’ jump over an oncoming race car seemed to be the top of the nutbar spectrum, at least so I thought. I was so very wrong.

The clip below shows a pair of idiots daredevils hanging from a crane 1,000 above Russia’s Moscow City. They swing and hold onto their lives with one hand, surviving through luck as much as skill. All the while a drone flies around them and captures it all for the world to see. They do it all without safety nets or harnesses of any kind.

The reason for the clip is obvious enough, they want to be internet famous. And once they are, they can sit back and wait for those sweet internet monies to come pouring in.

So why did we post this travesty if we are busy hating on it? We’re human. It’s an incredible video, even if it is ridiculous. Check it out below, and don’t ever do this. Just don’t.



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