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Watch the pants darkening moment when this guy’s parachute doesn’t open

Watch the pants darkening moment when this guy’s parachute doesn’t open

A guy named Daniel Herndon went skydiving while wearing a GoPro camera. He ended up recording the moment when his parachute doesn’t open.

The video below catches what may be one of the most pants darkening moments ever caught on camera.

Daniel Herndon went out for a spot of skydiving, like you do, while wearing a GoPro camera (or something similar). Where most videos like this end with a couple of earsplitting screams and the odd “bro!”, this one is a little more intense as Herndon’s parachutes doesn’t open – or more accurately, it opens, then tangles and breaks away, sending Herndon into freefall.

It’s tough to watch, and probably wasn’t a whole lot of fun to live through either.

Herndon spends a few second over Edmond, OK, plummeting toward a soccer stadium filled with fans. It would be interesting to know what the people on the ground thought as their halftime entertainment (that’s a guess) nearly dies in horrific fashion in front of them. Granted, it would be spectacular, but somewhat traumatic too. Ok, more than somewhat.

On the plus side, it’s actually kind of a ringing endorsement for skydiving in a round about way. Sure, the moment when the first chute failed would probably take a few years off your lifes, but the reserve chute does exactly what it is supposed to and opens perfectly.

Check it out below.



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