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Guy jumps off an eight story building, dodges death by inches

Guy jumps off an eight story building, dodges death by inches

Wearing a GoPro camera, a guy filmed himself as he jumps off an eight-story building and misses hitting a wooden dock by inches.

We’ve joked before about how people are upping their game when it comes to the GoPro videos. We’ve seen the skydivers and the BASE jumpers. We’ve seen the mountain bikers and parkour daredevils.

GoPro hopefuls really need to offer something original if they want to get some play. And, well, this guy does that – although maybe not in the way he would have intended.

We’ve also joked that there may be an entire subreddit of GoPro videos where the people actually die while filming. Turns out it wasn’t a joke, and they do exist. We’re not into snuff films, so this is probably as close as we’ll get to posting a video of someone dying on camera.

The clip below was taken by an idiot that thought it would be cool to jump off of a 129-foot building, which would make it about eight stories tall. The daredevil, who goes by the name 8Booth and claims to be a “professional,” lands the jump, but misses a wooden dock by just a few inches. For a few seconds, it looks like he is going to slam directly into it, which would have made this a very different video.

So check it out, and remember not to try this at home. Or anywhere, really.



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