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Guy calls his parents on Skype, then jumps out of an airplane

Guy calls his parents on Skype, then jumps out of an airplane

An Irish man traveling in Australia decided to check in with his parents via Skype. Then once he had them online, he proceeded to jump out of an airplane while they watched.

This Christmas, phone lines and VOIP all over the world will be crammed with children calling their parents to wish them a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanzaa, or maybe even just say hello on a day off work if you subscribe to none of the other beliefs.

After the five to ten minutes of soul crushing guilt from the elders over why their spawn isn’t there, why they don’t call enough, why they haven’t given them grandchildren yet (or maybe the opposite), the kids can then get down to freaking their parents out by telling them what is going on in their lives, and maybe following up with a request for some cash.

Or, you can just skip all the preamble, call and say hi, then proceed directly to the freak out portion of the exchange like an Irish traveler named Roger did.

While traveling through Australia, Roger met up with a group of like-minded thrill seekers at the Bounce Hostel in Sydney. He and the others were then given the opportunity to be part of the “Meet the World” promotion sponsored by several hostels, which gave them the opportunity to go skydiving.

The idea is to “show that when you stay in hostels, you meet people who turbo-charge your experience,” spokesperson Freya Leete told HuffPost.

Roger, not wanting to waste the chance to freak his parents out, decided to call them over Skype – as he jumped.

It’s fairly hilarious in a brutal sort of way. They seem to be more or less cool with it – not like they could ground him or anything – but they seem to get the joke after having a tiny heart attack.

As a side note, kudos to Roger’s cell phone provider. Earlier this year I couldn’t get a signal just north of San Francisco, yet he keeps a solid video communication going thousands of feet above the ground.

Anyway, check it out below, and be sure to say hello to your parents this holiday season before making them lose their shit.



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