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Guillermo del Toro finishes work on his ‘Justice League Dark’ screenplay

guillermo del toro justice league dark movie

As far back as 2012, director Guillermo del Toro claimed that he wanted to create a film adaptation of the DC comic, Justice League Dark. According to Forbes, del Toro recently completed his script, and turned it in to Warner Bros. to determine if the studio wants to act on it.

The movie is tentatively titled Dark Universe, although that could easily change.

At this stage, the film is still very much a maybe at best. During WB and DC’s recent reveal that outlined 10 DC-based films that are on the way, Justice League Dark was nowhere to be found. Prior to the reveal, you could make an argument that the property was too obscure for the big screen treatment, but it is at least as well known as “Suicide Squad,” which is currently in the casting phase.

Justice League Dark is the product of DC’s New 52 lineup, and it includes several characters that aren’t very well known, at least outside of regular DC readers. The team consists of occult and magical beings, many of which existed in DC’s mature Vertigo line and inhabited their own universes, so they rarely interacted with the primary DC heroes. That changed with the New 52 reboot.

The team tackles missions that are mostly supernatural, and characters are frequently forced to confront the darker aspects of their actions. In many ways, it could be something of a superhero horror film, which would be consistent with del Toro’s work.

Del Toro has only given a few hints about his story, but he did reveal a few of the characters that he was planning on featuring, including: John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, the Spectre, Zatanna, Zatara, and Etrigan the Demon. The characters would already be established, so while it would be an origin for the team, it would not be an “origin story” film.

The plot will supposedly focus on Constantine recruiting the team. Del Toro wrote the film on his own, but he later said there was no reason it couldn’t be part of DC’s shared universe. Del Toro also claimed that while his version of Constantine is unique to his film world, it could work in conjunction with the Constantine TV show, and could even feature the show’s star, Matt Ryan.

WB will now read the script and give feedback, then decide if they want to pursue the project. It may be difficult to fit it in with the other proposed films in terms of budget and scheduling, but the movie would introduce several DC characters in one swoop and potentially address a new superhero niche.

If the studio approves, del Toro will first need to complete work on his film, Crimson Peak; he is then committed to a Pacific Rim sequel.



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  1. Kit Dineen November 29, 2014 at 11:25 am

    Oh, wow, I hope this works out! There aren’t too many DC properties I get super excited about, but this one looks fantastic. Especially with Del Toro in the driver’s seat! Fingers definitely crossed for this one.


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