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A Green Beret fights a Peruvian special forces member – it’s over quickly

A Green Beret fights a Peruvian special forces member – it’s over quickly

A former green beret fights a Peruvian special forces soldier in the no-rules Bloodsport Kumite 2014. It’s not a long fight.

There’s a reason that spectator sports built around fighting have rules. When they don’t, things get ugly, fast.

Anyone remember the early days of UFC? Back before they had things like weight classes and sportsmanship rules, it offered a couple of weird fights with huge guys fighting skinny guys, and jiu-jitsu winning most matches. It was way cooler in practice than theory.

The same can probably be said for the impressively named Bloodsport Kumite, a no-holds-barred fight pairing multiple fighting styles with no rules.

In 2014, a former US green beret with a background in kung fu san soo took on a Peruvian special forces soldier with karate skills. You’d think a matchup like this would be epic – a clash of the titans as two soldiers trained in the art of killing people battle it out.

Well, it’s not exactly a memorable fight – especially not in a contest where there are no rules. In this fight, the winner is the one that doesn’t lose – and the loser is the one who gives up or can no longer compete.

Check out the video below, but you may need to rewind it a few times. It’s over very quickly following a single strike to the face of the Peruvian guy from the green beret. Some people may call it a cheap shot, but given that there are no rules, there’s no such thing as “not fair.” Check it out.



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