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The next great Olympic sport is here: belly flop

The next great Olympic sport is here: belly flop

It can be a little disheartening to turn on the Olympics and watch the best athletes in the world compete in events that show what humans can do at the pinnacle of their abilities. If Usain Bolt can beat his opponents so badly that he can stop and turn to smile at them, imagine how badly he would smoke an average person.

Part of what makes the Olympics so much fun to watch is that we can see people doing things that we ourselves can’t – at least not at the same level. Thankfully, there are other events we can try though that require little to no athletic ability. For example, the belly flop.

The belly flop is the ultimate non-sport. It takes something that requires a great deal of skill – diving – then builds upon the ultimate failure of that endeavor. Basically, the worse your dive, the better your belly flop.

It’s not without its downside though. In fact, it is mostly downside for the participants. They say that if you jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, the water will be as hard as cement if you land at the wrong angle. While jumping from 20 feet or so won’t be as catastrophic. Instead, it will create a satisfying splash – well, satisfying to those watching.

A group of Norwegians decided that they were sick of the Olympians getting all the attention, so they decided to try out some competitive belly flop.

The results were… well, kind of stupid, but also awesome to watch as long as it’s not you slamming into the water.

Check it out below and, and for god’s sake don’t try this at home. At least not without recording it and sending it our way.



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