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Here’s what it would look like to skydive without a parachute

Here's what it would look like to skydive without a parachute

A GoPro was discovered in the forest with an intact memory card. The footage on it shows a freefall of over 3,000 meters, and it is incredible.

You have never seen GoPro footage quite like this. Because if you had, it would basically be a first-person snuff film. Granted, this being the age of the Internet and all you can probably find that, but if you are interested in tracking that down do so on your own time, you sick son of a bitch.

For the rest of you, this footage is incredible and so it the story behind it.

According to Gizmodo, this footage was discovered on a GoPro that was found lying on the ground in a forest outside of Kristianstad, Sweden. It was just sitting there in the grass in an uninhabited area. The camera and memory card were both in working condition, which is fairly shocking given the footage and the manner in which the camera arrived in Kristianstad.

There was a 1980 South African film called The Gods Must be Crazy, where a remote and isolated tribe discovers a coke bottle thrown out of the window of a plane. They had never seen anything like it before, so they treated it like a gift from the gods. Imagine what they would make of a working GoPro fallen from the heavens. There would be a Holy War of epic proportions.

The footage is of a skydive with at least four people. The owner of the GoPro decided to record everything, but the best laid plans and all that. Halfway through the jump, the GoPro slips off. It continues to fall the entire way down – it’s fairly hypnotic as it spins. The final impact on the ground is jarring as well.

The guy that found the camera posted the footage on YouTube, hoping against hope to find the original owner. Given that it is incredible footage and it has a good story, that is a recipe for a viral video. The chances of a reunion between camera and owner are getting better every day.

Check it out below.



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