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The GoPro NHL deal may highlight the future of sports

gopro nhl deal

Hockey is a wild, frenetic, and somewhat inaccessible sport for people that live outside of climates that create natural skating rinks. Sure, there are plenty of opportunities to try hockey in most major cities, but many of us will never be able to really get a sense of what it’s like to play the game.

The NHL is partnering with GoPro to give fans a look at what it is like on the ice. Details are still forthcoming, but in the very near future you will be able to watch games cut with footage shot by players in the games.

The footage will be cut into the broadcasts and posted on GoPro’s YouTube page, as well as other places. To get an idea what to expect, the NHL tapped a handful of players to demo things. Hence the video below.

“GoPro is the perfect partner for us in our ongoing commitment to bring hockey fans closer to the game,” Bob Chesterman, NHL Senior Vice President of Programming and Production said in the official press release. “As the preeminent leader in adaptable cameras, only GoPro has the technology to help us and our media partners showcase the beauty and intensity of hockey in new and deeper ways. Our partnership with GoPro will be a big win for both new and lifelong hockey fans.”

The tech debuted this weekend during the NHL All-Star game, which took place on Saturday, January 24. Although the focus is currently on the NHL, GoPro is looking at other sports as well.

“This partnership marks a significant first step for GoPro into team sports, made possible because of NHL and NHLPA’s progressive thinking,” Todd Ballard, Senior Director of Lifestyle Marketing at GoPro said. “Together we will push the boundaries of video content production in hockey and provide fans of the sport with unique, immersive perspectives of the game that they’ve never seen before, from players and officials to in-goal and rink side.”

There is an obvious limit in the type of sports that could accept this – they need to already have helmets as part of the equipment. That could easily work with the NFL and possibly baseball, not to mention other extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing.

For a look at the NHL footage, check it out below.



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