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A Giant Iceberg Casually Passes by Town in Greenland, Causing Fear and Awe

A Giant Iceberg Casually Passes by Town in Greenland, Causing Fear and Awe

A small village on the coast of Greenland witnessed a giant iceberg pass by the town, prompting serious tsunami concerns as pieces broke off and hit the water.

While most of the northern hemisphere is currently experiencing extreme heat and record temperatures, one small coastal village in Greenland is facing a weather-related fear centered around ice.

More than two weeks ago, a giant iceberg weighing over 11 tons arrived just outside the town of Innaarsuit. The town’s 169 residents quickly evacuated, fearing that the iceberg might split at any time and cause a massive tsunami capable of wiping out the town – and their fear wasn’t unfounded either. The iceberg has already had several pieces break off and fall into the water causing huge waves, but it is still big enough that it can be seen from space.

There is also a frightening precedent in Greenland when it comes to tsunamis. In summer 2017, four people were killed in northwest Greenland following a tsunami caused by an earthquake.

The iceberg is slowly moving north, but the village remains partially abandoned and the fear of the iceberg collapsing remains high – especially given the shape it arrived in. The iceberg covered in holes and cracks, meaning it could collapse at any time. There is also an added concern for the village given that its only power station and fuel tanks are both close to the shore and therefore could be among the first things damaged if a tsunami hits.

Greenland has seen an increase in ice activity over the last few years, mostly attributed to climate change. Last month, a team of scientists from NYU captured a four-mile long iceberg break off in a process known as “calving.” That video, seen below, was taken on the eastern shore so it probably didn’t have a direct effect on the Innaarsuit iceberg, but the cause and the consequences are shared.

Check out both videos below.

An Iceberg Comes to Innaarsuit

A 4-Mile Iceberg Breaks Off



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