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Ghosts make for weird babysitters

Ghosts make for weird babysitters

A woman in Australia happened to glance over at her baby video monitor when she saw something weird. In fact she saw two somethings weird.

She then began screaming, grabbed the baby, and burned her obviously haunted house down to the goddamn ground!

Actually, I may have made up that last part, but the rest is real – or as real as a video of two ghostly apparitions floating over a baby in a crib can be.

The video comes from Jade Yates of Barongarook, Australia. After she recorded the incident she posted it on Facebook, no doubt to encourage calm and rational discussion of what it could be. After a great deal of analytical analysis and reasoned debate with only a handful of incredibly racist comments and barely a mention of Hitler, the common consensus is that video captured a pair of ghosts, but a solid counterpoint is that the apparitions are aliens.

How aliens are see-though and look like ghosts isn’t quite clear, but it’s a legit possibility.

The images is a little tough to see given that it is a video taken of a video, but it looks like a pair of ghostly apparitions, one the size of a child, the other roughly the size of an adult. Yates went on to claim that she didn’t think the ghosts were evil, although if her child grows up to be the antichrist we may have reason to doubt her.

As with all of our ghost videos, take all of this with a grain of salt. It may be a completely random ghost sighting, but for all we know Yates deliberately left her child in an area known for its hauntings in the hopes her baby would be visited. We just don’t know.

According to Yates, the baby was perfectly fine after its visitation. It did come down with a minor case of projectile vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea, but that’s probably more to do with it being a baby than it being visited by spirits.

Check it out below.



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