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The cast of the new Ghostbusters film has been revealed

ghostbusters reboot cast

Update: Shortly after the publication of this article, the films release date was confirmed. The new Ghostbusters will hit theaters on July 22, 2016. 

Paul Feig has officially revealed the cast for his upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Negotiations are underway, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, these are the women that will make up the new team.

First up are Kristin Wiig (Knocked Up, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) and Melissa McCarthy (Heat, Gilmore Girls), who both appeared in Feig’s Bridesmaids. McCarthy was already in talks to take one of the starring roles, and Wiig’s name has long been in contention, especially after she received an endorsement from original Ghostbuster, Bill Murray.

Joining them will be Saturday Night Live cast members Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

None of the four have officially signed on as of yet, but they have been offered the roles. The news originally came via Feig’s Twitter feed, so this is not speculation or rumor:

ghostbusters reboot cast

Kristin Wiig

The film will begin shooting this summer in New York, and it is set to be a reboot. It’s not clear exactly how closely the new film will follow the old though, and that includes whether or not the characters will be re-imaginings of the originals, or completely new.

Even though there are four actresses and the original Ghostbusters consisted of four actors, that doesn’t necessarily mean Venkman, Stantz, Spangler, and Zeddemore will return.

The only thing that was known for certain leading up to this news is that it would feature an all-female cast in the starring roles. That has been well, well publicized.

ghostbusters reboot cast

Melissa McCarthy

Of the four, Wiig and McCarthy are both bona fide stars, and are both probably on their way to superstardom – you can make a solid argument that they are both already there. Jones and McKinnon are the wildcards, but they come to the project with some serious pedigree.

Jones is currently appearing onscreen as part of Chris Rock’s Top Five, and has been a professional standup comedian since 1987. McKinnon has been nominated for a handful of awards throughout her career, including a recent Emmy nomination for her work on SNL.

A new Ghostbusters film has been in the works for several years now, with director Ivan Reitman and actor Dan Aykroyd leading the charge. Fellow stars Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson were both on board, but Bill Murray was not. In fact, there is a good chance that a third Ghostbusters would have moved forward years earlier if Murray had been interested.

ghostbusters reboot cast

Leslie Jones

Following the death of Ramis in February 2014, the sequel fell apart. Reitman no longer wanted to make the film without Ramis, and the rest of the cast seemed content to let the project go – or at least go into other hands, which is exactly what happened.

The original cast is not expected to appear, but you can bet they will find a way to make a cameo or something similar. They won’t be ignored, even if the story is new.

There is also talk of creating a new Ghostbusters shared universe, ala the Marvel films. That is very much just talk at the moment, but one of the many reveals that came from the Sony email leaks claimed that Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum want to team up to do a Ghostbusters spin-off.

Kate McKinnon

Again, that is just talk at the moment, but given that it is coming from the stars themselves, there is a chance it could happen.

Details are scarce beyond that. Given those attached, it will retain its comedy roots, although the reboot is said to be scarier than the original.

No word on a release date yet. (See the update at the top of the page)



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