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Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks: Bringing C4 to a helicopter fight

Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

Ubisoft has a lot of storied franchises in its arsenal. From Assassin’s Creed to Splinter Cell, the publisher/developer has several franchises in its library, few longer running than its Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series. The latest iteration of that storied franchise, Ghost Recon Wildlands, was released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 7, 2017, and we have a few Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it – including a few ways to have some co-op fun at the expense of your friends. And trust us, you want to play co-op.

Possibly the biggest single takeaway is that Wildlands is at its best when you are doing things that aren’t scripted. We could give a few tips on how to pull off a mission without being seen, but it’s more fun to push the game and see what it can do rather than just determine the best way to do something.

For example, let’s say you and three of your friends are playing together and you are approaching a compound where the goal is to kill all the enemies and rescue a hostage. Now, if you want to go stealth, you and your teammates can coordinate and take out guards silently from a distance, hitting them one by one in a pattern where the enemy doesn’t see their cohorts falling. Doing this offers a sense of accomplishment that makes the mission success feel notable, but it is just one way to play.

Another way to do it would be to, say, load up a truck with C4, have a teammate drive it directly toward the largest group of enemies, roll out as they get close, then have someone trigger the C4 for a massive explosion. Another option would be to have a friend in a helicopter fly high overhead as your team casually rains down grenades. If you really want to get creative, you can steal a plane, toss some C4 on it, go straight up, then point the plane directly down onto the base before parachuting out.

Ghost Recon Wildlands isn’t just about completing missions, it’s about how you complete the missions. And there are a lot of ways to complete a mission. A whole, whole lot. With that in mind, we’ll continue to update this guide with new Wildlands tips and tricks as we figure them out.


Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

Wildlands is a squad-based game, but playing solo vs playing with friends is a night and day difference. Even having a single human player with you and letting the AI complete your team makes for a completely different experience from using the AI to fill out your squad.

To begin with, playing solo still offers a lot of challenge, both tactically and in terms of pure gameplay. Your AI teammates won’t really offer a lot of support if you get into a pitched battle, but they are useful for stealth outings and coordinated attacks. Just don’t rely on them for much more than the odd healing. They do, however, make for dependable cannon fodder. You’ll end up doing a lot of the heavy lifting though.

Jumping into a friend’s co-op game is as easy as selecting it from the menu. Once you do, everyone in the game will have access to their current selection of missions, both story and side quests. You just select the one you want in the map and the other players have the option of accepting it. All co-op games with an open world should take note. While Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 had co-op, it didn’t offer co-op story missions and a great multiplayer game was ruined. And there is a lot of Far Cry in this game, in the best way.

If you are on a story mode that you’ve already played, the in-game directional icon will be white; if it is new to you it is yellow. You’ll still get points even if you’ve already completed the mission. It’s also worth noting that completing missions earns everyone points even if they aren’t there, which makes for an easy and quick exploit. You just need to have everyone take on a different simple side mission, and assuming everyone succeeds you’ll suddenly get the points from four missions at once.

While the game is an entertaining tactical shooter solo, co-op with friends is definitely the way to go.

  • If you leave your AI teammates behind, they will catch up. Your human teammates, however, won’t.
  • You can’t fast travel to a teammate in a vehicle. The game will just dump you near them.

Creating Your Avatar

Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

The character creation is surprisingly deep, with items that can be unlocked through play. You can look like a hardcore merc with face paint and an eye patch, or you can go for more of a 70s maintenance man look. There is a lot in between as well, but given how big the game is, you’ll spend a lot of time with your avatar. Take a few minutes when you first load it up and choose your character’s look.

  • You can access uPlay to purchase new outfits and weapon skins.
  • You can change your clothes through the in-game menu.
  • When you choose one of the special outfits, you can alter your facepaint, but you can’t add things like hats or eye patches.


Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

Wildlands takes place in a digital recreation of Bolivia. The map isn’t a complete version of Bolivia, of course, but it is huge. Flying across in a helicopter will take so long that you’ll quickly grow bored of flying. Even a plane takes several minutes to go from one side to the other.

Each section has its own unique geography, some of which repeats. In other words, it’s not broken into areas like “mountains,” “city,” “jungle,” etc. Instead, you’ll find multiple mountains, cities, beaches, and more. It is a wildly varied map, and every time you think you have seen it all, there’s more to it.

There are several ways to get around the Bolivia of Wildlands, including helicopters, planes, boats, dirt bikes, and cars. Within that group of cars, there are plenty of variations, from trucks to armored trucks to sports cars. Some are better than others, it really just depends what you need them for. Hitting an enemy base with a Humvee featuring a mounted gun is one thing, hitting it in an early 90s Camry-equivalent is another. Sometimes it’s worth looking around for the right tool for the job.

Plus, you can also use cars as weapons. Make it a game to have four people in cars rampage through a base, going for road kills only. It’s fun.

  • While the game is non-linear and tackling a mission from later in the game won’t detract from the story, keep an eye on the difficulty of each section.
  • You can explore other areas, but the difficulty might cause you problems.
  • Exploring in a plane or helicopter is a good idea, but beware of anti-aircraft guns.

Griefing Extreme

Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

One of the best things about Wildlands is the imagination you can bring to it. And when it comes to messing with your friends, having a lot of options will keep you coming back.

In Wildlands, you can’t hurt your teammates with friendly fire. That’s a good thing given how intense the fights can get. You can, however, hurt them with explosives. Better yet, you can throw C4 on their ride without them knowing it, and when they get a little mouthy, you can let them know your displeasure. Alternatively, you can make your buddy into an unwitting bomb.

That also makes picking the right driver/pilot important. If, say, you are flying a plane and it turns out you’re the only one with a parachute… well, let’s just say hilarity and tragedy are closely linked. It’s also a matter of time until a driver in a crowded car finds a nice cliff to point the ride at before rolling out to safety while the car briefly flies/falls. As an added bonus, you can then go heal your entire team and earn some points.

Sometimes it’s fun to be a dick, just don’t do it in the middle of a mission.

  • The more weapons and assault options you unlock, the more fun you can have with your teammates. Try a mortar strike on your teammates’ car. It’s fun!
  • If your teammate drops their fancy, customized gun to try out something new, you can grab their gun and try it out.


Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

The missions are filled with variety. Some will ask you to steal something, others will have you rescue a prisoner, others still will send you in for info and more. Hopefully, that theme will continue through the main game.

The side missions are broken up into four different types based on the rewards. The missions themselves can be anything from stopping a convoy to hijacking a plane, but the rewards will earn a specific type of point you’ll need to purchase a unique class of upgrade. These missions repeat, so you can do them over and over. They get old after a while, but they don’t take long. Hopefully, the different areas will all offer a variety of these side missions.

How you approach these missions is up to you. Just identify the end goal and work toward that. Most of the time you can Leroy Jenkins your way to victory, but other times you’ll need to do things in a certain way. If you have to do something like stop a helicopter from flying away, it’s not all that smart to ram it with a motorcycle.

  • Pay attention to the briefings. Relying on the objective markers can lead you to make a mistake.
  • While playing co-op, you can play multiple missions at once.

General Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips and Tricks

Ghost Recon Wildlands tips and tricks

  • While it’s easy to just plow through the enemies with a team, you can and should use all your tools, including drones to mark enemies and synchronize your shots.
  • Coordinate your team’s weapon loadout for maximum effect. Having two snipers and two close range members, for instance, can give you a lot of options.
  • Most weapons can be silenced, and you can take it on an off at will.
  • The handgun isn’t powerful, but switching to it is faster than reloading.
  • Pick two weapons that complement each other. Long range and mid is always useful.
  • You can fast travel to your teammates, but it will only bring you close to them, not next to them.
  • Purchase the parachute as soon as possible. You never know when you might need it.
  • You can switch your loadout at any time.
  • The weaponsmith returns, allowing you to truly customize each gun. You’ll need to earn the parts first though.



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