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Ghost comforts a man in a cemetery, proving not all ghosts are scary

Ghost comforts a man in a cemetery

Although we’ve been posting a lot of videos depicting creepy experiences with ghosts, not all paranormal encounters are necessarily bad.

Earlier in our run up to Halloween, we posted the story of a mother that called out to rescuers to save her infant daughter. When they  finally got there, they found the mother had been dead for hours. the ghost voice saved the child.

These types of stories are rare though. Most paranormal investigators believe that ghosts originate from violent and sudden deaths, with leaves them wanting vengeance. Many ghost supposedly aren’t even aware that they are dead, which causes confusion, and eventually that can make the spirit go dark.

Every once in awhile though, you hear about spirits that just had things left unfinished, like making sure their child was rescued, or comforting a grieving loved one.

The clip below is actually kind of sad, especially if you believe in the paranormal.

Security camera footage of a cemetery captured a man grieving at the tombstone of someone. Obviously we can’t tell who the man was grieving for, but does it matter? The emotion behind it is clear.

As the man quietly sits at the grave, the camera captures what appears to be a ghostly figure come up behind the man and move into a position that looks like it is trying to comfort him. The mind races on the possibilities.

I tried finding another version of the footage, but this was the best. Whoever cut it added “spooky” music, which undercuts what makes it cool.

Is it a man who recently lost his spouse? Is the ghost of that departed person letting him know that it will be ok?

In scanning through the comments and researching the clip, the only real legit question I’ve seen is why does a cemetery have a security camera. Sadly, that’s fairly common. Vandalism in cemeteries is a real concern, because people suck.

Anyway, check out the clip below, and be sure to hug your loved one while they are still alive.



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