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Ghost attacks man, tries to take him home

Ghost attacks man, tries to take him home

Although the end of the year isn’t really known as a time to talk about ghosts and the like, the supernatural doesn’t take time off for the holidays.

The clip below was posted on November 19, and it shows what appears to be a ghostly apparition shove a guy into a wall, then try to drag him off. The guy manages to fight off the ethereal being before running the hell away.

It’s oddly reminiscent of a clip from two years back, which showed a similar scene. In that now infamous clip, a man is knocked down and physically dragged down a hallway by a shadowy figure.

Both clips could easily have been faked with a bit of editing software and a willing accomplice. There’s no specific indication that the clips are faked, but that’s easier to believe than a vengeful spirit physically grabbing people and dragging them off to hang out with, or whatever.

Or, maybe both clips are real, and it is an indication that Zuul and Vinz Clortho just hooked up.

There were a few detail provided for the clip. The poster claimed that it was filmed in an unremarkable IT park, although they wouldn’t list specifics for privacy reasons. The victim supposedly had minor neck and leg injuries, but judging how fast he ran away, he didn’t seem that banged up.

Here’s the supposed victim’s testimonial:

I was coming back to the office from the cafeteria, and as I reached a turning I was horribly pushed back by some sort invisible force, which I am still not able to describe how it is or what it actually was. And not even that pushed me it even held me tight towards the wall and lifted me up, and then it tried to dragged me towards it. But somehow I escaped from its attack and Hardly ran out from there.

As with all our supernatural videos, take this with a grain of salt. But it is pretty cool.



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