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Fox is open to a Firefly reboot, but don’t hold your breath

Fox is open to a Firefly reboot, but don’t hold your breath

In news that may be extra heartbreaking for fans, there is apparently a chance that we might see a Firefly reboot. It is, however, a very slim chance.

A few years ago, Fox Television found itself with two new bosses – Gary Newman and Dana Walden. While settling into their new roles, the duo announced that it would look back at the Fox TV library and consider bringing back older shows, either through a reboot or a revival. The pair made good on their word, authorizing the return of The X-Files and Prison Break, with others under consideration.

During a recent interview, Fox Broadcasting President of Entertainment, David Madden, confirmed that Fox was still looking at ways to revitalize some of its older properties, including a possible return for Firefly. There is a catch though. And while it’s a good catch for fans and a smart move by Fox, it also means the chances of the show returning are minimal at best.

Madden stated that he would be willing to authorize a return for Firefly, but only if Joss Whedon wants to do it. Honestly, Firefly is Joss Whedon, so nothing else would bring fans back. But this does present several challenges.

Whedon is busy right now. In fact, he’s as busy as he wants to be. At the moment, he is reportedly working on a WWII horror film that he will write, direct, and produce. He’s also involved in Agents of SHIELD, and he is deeply involved in the comics industry. He’s a busy guy, and he’s at a point where he can develop his own properties and write his own ticket. If he wanted to direct a Star Wars movie, he could probably make a few calls and at least get a meeting. He has Hollywood clout right now, and for as beloved as Firefly is, returning to it might be a step back for him.

Still, Whedon once claimed that he would consider a Firefly return, but he also has conditions. To start, he would want to bring the original crew back together. That’s easier said than done, given how busy most of the cast currently is. Whedon once said that he wouldn’t even consider it as long as Nathan Fillion was still working on Castle. Fillion’s ABC cop dramedy is no longer on the air, but he is still working constantly. Most of the cast are.

There’s another issue as well. While Fox owns the rights to the Firefly TV show, Universal owns the movie rights. Fox and Whedon could always ignore Serenity, but that would be tough for fans to buy, given how they rallied around the movie. The better option would be a joint production, but getting two major studios to come together is complicated at the best of times.

So there is a chance. Just not a very good one. And for fans, that faint glimmer of hope may be worse than a firm “never gonna happen.”



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