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For Honor tips and tricks to avoid shaming your ancestors

For Honor tips and tricks

At first glance, Ubisoft’s third-person multiplayer title For Honor may look like a traditional hack-and-slash game, but that doesn’t do it justice. It is hack-and-slash evolved, with a deep set of moves that are easy to understand and difficult to master. That brings us to this For Honor tips and tricks post.

The first thing you need to understand about For Honor is that timing is everything. If you like rhythm games where timing and reactions are key, you may thrive here. You need to quickly learn to block and to vary your attack, and you also need to know your surroundings. Taking on an opponent “hero” (as opposed to the cannon fodder soldiers you’ll wade through) in a duel is a staple of the game, but trying to take on two or more of them alone is difficult at best, and frequently suicidal.

For Honor is a nuanced game with a lot of depth that may not be immediately apparent at first glance. The more you put into it, the more you discover. There are also multiple types of games within the game. It’s not just multiplayer and single player, there’s more to it than that.

Ultimately, the game demands practice and experimentation. Learning the moves is one thing, but knowing when and how to pull them off requires experience. Still, we have a few For Honor tips and tricks to help you get started and make the most out of Ubisoft’s game.

This guide is ongoing, and we’ll add to it in the coming weeks.

Challenges (aka Orders)

For Honor tips and tricks: Surviving the beta and deciding if this game is for you

Each player will have the option to select three Orders prior to a match. The challenges associated with those Order vary, and some are far easier than others. To access these Orders, you simply need to go through the load out screen and make a selection.

It’s always worth setting these challenges up. Choose Orders that compliment your goals. If you want to play domination, choose an Order that rewards you for playing domination. If you like Duels, choose that, etc., etc.

  • Wait a round or two until you know what you’re doing before going out of your way to to complete a challenge.
  • Sometimes the Orders stack up, meaning you have to complete one Order first to complete the next. Make sure you stack these. 

Choosing Your Character

For Honor tips and tricks

Choosing a character for the multiplayer modes is one of the most important details in the game. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference, but be sure to try them all.

One way to give them all a test drive is to play the complete story mode. It takes a little time, but you’ll get to try everyone out. Alternatively, you can just try them all in the multiplayer. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to pay to unlock, or “recruit,” the characters to play with them, you can simply choose them and go. Unlocking them, however, allows them to collect gear upgrades.

With the characters, everything is a trade-off. You can select range, but it might cost you speed. You can choose power, but it will mean more stamina used, etc., etc. Don’t worry about stats, just find a character you like. Once you do, stick with them and level them up to get new gear. It’s also better to master one character at a time to learn their moveset.

As you rise in rank, you’ll have access to more feats, special attacks that can be used during a match once they have been powered up (through normal actions). At first, you’ll want to stick with the basics – health and defense – but as you unlock more and learn the game, you should experiment. There are active and passive feats, so know what you are equipping.

  • The gear you equip only affects your stats in 4v4 domination. 
  • Colors and skins are a nice bit of customization, but wait until you have plenty of steel saved up. There are more important things to purcahse first. 


For Honor tips and tricks: Surviving the beta and deciding if this game is for you

The core of For Honor is its combat. That’s true of most games, but especially so of this title.

While there are plenty of AI peons to massacre, they are there to break up the scenery as you make your way to an opposing “hero,” either controlled by the AI or a real person. Once you find an enemy hero, you engage in a duel.

The combat system in For Honor is all about knowing when to block, from which direction attacks will come, and knowing how to attack when you see an opening. If you simply wade in and go berserk, there are several ways your opponent can take advantage of your flailing and make short work of you. It’s easy to understand, but hard to master. And button mashers get dealt with quickly by someone with experience.

To block, you need to be in the guard position, then move the right thumbstick to anticipate the direction the attack will come from. You’ll see a directional marker signifying where the enemy is positioned, but you can’t just change to the right position and wait. Once you go into a defensive stance, your indicator will begin to dissolve. Once it is gone, if you are hit you will deflect some of the damage, but the goal is to block by pressing in that direction exactly when you are attacked.

To attack your enemy, the situation is the opposite. You need to see where they are blocking, then attack elsewhere. As you start, you’ll want to stick to quick attacks with the odd strong attack thrown in, but the more you play the more important it becomes to learn the combos of your chosen character.

The character you choose to play as can also make a huge difference based on your playstyle. Some are more geared for attack, others defense. Some have range, others speed. It’s really just a matter of finding what you’re comfortable with.

  • When you register enough blocks and take enough damage, you can unleash a “revenge” counter, which pushes people back and gives you a brief, overall boost. Revenge is only available in Domination.
  • A single duel can last a minute or more, but if you have another hero with you, it can be over in seconds.
  • If you are wounded, don’t hesitate to run away and look for teammates and/or a way to heal.
  • Dodging to the side can be as effective, maybe even more so than blocking.
  • When you die, you can request healing rather than just respawn. It will issue a beam of light to let your teammates know.
  • When you first start, play the Duel against the AI. You’ll earn plenty of points and get good practice.
  • The ability to perry is the difference between surviving and dying. When you see an attack incoming, attack with a heavy attack from the same direction. If you time it correctly, you’ll see sparks and your opponent will be vulnerable. 
  • When you see the shield icon, if you don’t counter it you’ll be knocked back. When you see the icon, hit the shield button twice to knock them back. 
  • When climbing up a ladder, you can knock an opponent off and cause massive damage. Be warned though, you can also be knocked off.  
  • While your health and attack are important, always keep an eye on your stamina. It is arguably the most important factor in the game. 
  • All characters have an area attack, activated by holding the block and both attacks. It’s useful if you are surrounded by generic soldiers, but it will severely drain your stamina. 
  • Know your environment. If you see a set of spikes or a cliff, you can toss your opponent off or into it for an instant kill. 
  • To initiate an execution, finish the opponent off with a heavy attack. This will net you a cool animation, some extra points, and prevent a revival. Be careful though, you are vulnerable during the animation.


For Honor tips and tricks

Ubisoft has confirmed a fair amount of For Honor DLC, which will be introduced in the coming months. Players can either get it all by purchasing the $40 Season Pass, or pick it up individually when it is released.

At the moment, the bulk of the content is character-based. There will be six new characters introduced, two for each faction. There will also be plenty of new gear and outfits. The additional content will be available for Season Pass holders (and they will get it early), while everyone else can purchase the content using in-game currency. You may also be able to pay real money for it, but Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed that yet.

Along with the new characters, Ubisoft is planning new maps, game modes, and more. It will be available to everyone at no cost, but Season Pass holders will get it first.

  • We will update this section with details as they are released. 


For Honor tips and tricks: Surviving the beta and deciding if this game is for you

The For Honor beta features three factions: Knights of the Iron Legion, Samurai of the Dawn Empire, and Warborn Vikings. The general play styles remain the same regardless – you still need to dodge, defend, attack, etc. – but each has their own style and identity.

The main difference between the playable characters is that each has his or her own moveset. There are a lot of similarities, but there are characteristics unique to each faction.

The most important thing to note with the factions is that once you choose a faction, every match you play helps that group earn points. Even if you choose another type of character for an individual match, your faction points go to the group you selected first.

The points you earn for your faction will go toward For Honor’s metagame, Faction Wars. At the end of each multiplayer match, you’ll receive points for your faction – the better you do, the more points you earn. From the main menu you can then check out how the factions are doing and you can either add your points to a single region or spread them across the board. If you don’t choose, the game will do it for you automatically. The winners of the Faction War then receive in-game bonuses.

At the moment this doesn’t really make a huge difference. There are rewards for a faction win, but they won’t change the nature of the game or the way you play. Ubisoft is promising more in the weeks to come.

  • The Faction War standings, along with a leaderboard will be available on the For Honor website.
  • Those that played the beta will receive exclusive in-gear items.
  • Until you get a better understanding of how the Faction Wars work, let the AI assign your points.
  • You can change factions at any time, but you’ll sacrifice your accumulated faciton points to that point. Alternatively, you can change factions between seasons with no penalty. 

Multiplayer Modes

For Honor tips and tricks: Surviving the beta and deciding if this game is for you

For Honor includes three multiplayer modes, playable in two forms. You can choose to compete in a “duel,” which pits you against one other hero (and plenty of AI soldiers to slaughter), a 2v2 “brawl” with another player on your side, or the 4v4 “domination” match that features three control points that you need to capture to score points and heal yourself.

Each mode can be played against other, human competitors or versus the game’s AI. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Fighting against AI is a good way to get up to speed with how the game is meant to be played, but it can be unforgiving. On the other hand, playing against humans can be wildly unpredictable. You may smash your opponents as they learn the game, or you may face someone with a knack for the combat who will destroy you.

A good place to start is the 4v4 brawl against AI. It won’t be an easy fight, but if you watch how the game ebbs and flows, you’ll get a sense of how it should be played. Playing a duel against an AI opponent is also a good way to learn.

  • The domination mode is mostly about fighting, but there is an important emphasis on the points too. Holding spots doubles your points per second, which seems to be a fail-safe to encourage players to spread out.
  • In any mode with a human teammate, keep an idea of where they are on the map. If you need help, regroup with someone else.
  • If you have an AI bot on your team and you’re playing other humans, defend that bot or risk losing points each time it dies.  
  • Retreating when you are outnumbered or losing is a smart strategy. Your death will hurt your team more than running hurts your pride.
  • If you are patient, in 4v4 domination stand on or near a captured point and wait. Both human and enemy AI will come to you, and if you kill them before they reach the point, you’ll be able to heal quickly.

Story Mode

For Honor tips and tricks

The story mode in For Honor is linear and broken up into three chapters, each chapter with multiple sections. You begin as the knights, then play as the vikings, and finally the samurai. To reach each new faction, you must first complete the previous chapter from start to finish.

One way to look at the story in For Honor is to consider it an extended tutorial. The individual sub-chapters are generally straightforward. There is some variety, but for the most part you have clearly marked goals to reach, and you have to kill several enemies along the way. There are also destructible objects and items to see, both of which add to your point total.

As you progress, you’ll earn credits you can use in the multiplayer. More importantly though, you’ll face off against every type of character you will face in the multiplayer. As an added bonus, you also play as every type of hero you can use. Together that should give you enough to know which characters best suit your play style.

If you’re having trouble with surviving the multiplayer, the story mode is the best thing for you. You learn the moves, the characters, how the game moves, and you earn points to use in the multiplayer. Plus, you get the story that goes along with it.

  •  Once you have an idea of how the game moves, up the difficulty. It’s a better indicator of the challenges you’ll face in the multiplayer. 
  • If you play the story co-op, increase the difficulty at least one setting more than if you were alone. It will be tough, but a much better challenge. 
  • Ubisoft created a website that gives a little more detail


General For Honor tips and tricks, plus news

For Honor tips and tricks: Surviving the beta and deciding if this game is for you

  • There is a complete story-driven campaign in the full game.
  • Working with your team can make a huge difference. If you do coordinate, set ambushes.
  • Complete the advanced tutorial, even if you don’t need the help. You’ll earn 1500 steel for your efforts. 
  • Save up and purchase the “Champion Status” for 2000 steel. Among other things, you’ll receive an XP bonus, which alone makes it worth it. 
  • Scavenge weaker gear as soon as you have something better. 



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