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Five Albums You May Have Missed in May 2016

five albums you may have missed in May 2016

Here at Dead Beats Panel we love anything related to gaming, movies, tech, and the weird, but we also occasionally venture into matters of the auditory. We toss around and recommend albums to each other, but most of the time it falls upon deaf ears, or we just make fun of each other, move on, and listen to “Kid A” on our bleak commutes home.

Well, today, six months into the year, we’re here to pay attention to some albums you may not have heard about during the month (in this case, specifically May 2016). We’re not interested in the big releases you may already know about – Radiohead’s Moon Shaped Pool is amazing, but odds are you’ve heard a lot about it already.

For the sake of this article, we’re more interested in the little gems that don’t get the attention they may deserve. Every month there are great albums coming out that fly under the radar. We want to make sure you know about them before you end up in an awkward Shazam moment at a house party, concert, or clothing store.

And so, here are five albums for the month – May 2016 – that you might want to buy, stream, or borrow based on your preference of consumption.

Chance the Rapper

Coloring Book

five albums you may have missed in May 2016If you’ve managed to keep up with Chance the Rapper’s output up to this point (and that epic verse on Ultralight Beam on The Life of Pablo), you’re probably thinking that anything new from him is a surefire thing. And you’d be right.

While most of the hip-hop world seems to be relying on big bloated surprise releases and Beats Radio exclusives, Coloring Book goes off on its own inspired direction with joyous abandon. Chance the Rapper doesn’t seem to listen to industry players and that’s fine because most of us love it more with each release.

Even on an album with guest appearances from Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Justin Bieber (seriously), and Young Thug, Chance shines above them all. It’s not because it’s his album, it’s just because he doesn’t know how to not outshine.

Gold Panda

Good Luck and Do Your Best

five albums you may have missed in May 2016On his first album, Lucky Shiner, Gold Panda showed us bedroom production in some of its most expansive and introspective moments. On his second album, Half of Where You Live, we were pushed into a more House-influenced vibe where the scenery was intriguing but we barely had time to stop dancing. On his third album Good Luck and Do Your Best, we get the best of both worlds.

Gold Panda is a portrait artist, often filtering his travels around the globe through his music. This time around he’s made his time in Japan the inspiration for his latest release. This is an album that, much like Japan itself, becomes more rewarding with each inspection. It can be frustrating at times, and at other times glorious, but it’s always intriguing nonetheless.

Hesitation Wounds

Awake for Everything

five albums you may have missed in May 2016As far as super groups go, Hesitation Wounds is cut from a different cloth. Comprised of members from Touché Amore, Slipknot, The Hope Conspiracy, and Trap Them, there’s enough in their arsenal to blend the most goat-throwing metal with an essential hardcore backbone.

Before this, the band cut a relentless four-song EP over the span of one weekend. On this outing, they’re back with a full-length album that’s certain to have old die-hards throwing those windmill punches out of retirement.

Most of the songs clock in at barely over two and a half minutes, the longest coming in at under four, and those are guaranteed barn burners. If someone tells you heavy music isn’t what it used to be, just throw this on for them. If they say it sucks, then they’re too old for the scene.

The Hotelier


five albums you may have missed in May 2016Did you know we’re currently in the fourth wave of emo? The Hotelier have been designated as a vital part of this wave, but if you listened to Goodness, their third and most accessible album, you probably wouldn’t care about any of that. You’d probably just zone out on the driving drum beat and vocals of their leadoff track, “Goodness, Pt 2,” and realize that you finally had some good honest rock music back in your life.

If you pump a fist out your car window while listening to this, just know there are several other people probably doing the same.

Jessy Lanza

Oh No

five albums you may have missed in May 2016Here’s the thing: in a more sophisticated world Jessy Lanza would be our Rihanna or Arianna Grande. The music is sharp as hell; the lyrics have intent, and her vocal range spans from coy to demanding, sometimes within the same track. Too bad for Jessy Lanza that most of the world isn’t there.

This is her second album and Lanza expands upon the minimalist pop of her first outing with an album as lush as the greenery on the artwork. Teaming up once again with Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan, Oh No is able to inspire Prince-like recollections, 80’s vibes we wish happened during the 80’s, and a sign of how good the future of music just might be like if we keep letting talented people from Ontario, Canada lead the way.

Coming soon: five albums you may have missed in June 2016.

Are there any albums out this month that we should listen to? Drop us a line at [email protected], or in the comments below and we will check it out!



After attending the University of Kansas, Nate left his homeland and moved to Australia. He now buys too many books and records, and can be found fare-evading on public transportation in Melbourne.
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