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The first trailer for Pixels is here, and it’s very Adam Sandler-y

First Pixels trailer

There was a time when Adam Sandler was funny… right? Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and The Wedding Singer had some laughs, and some of his dramatic turns like Punch Drunk Love were well received, but Jesus Christ he went off the rails.

Grown Ups 1 & 2, Here Comes the Boom, Jack and Jill… Not long ago Sandler signed a deal to produce and star exclusively in four Netflix films, and it felt like a mercy, confining him to a queue that could easily be skipped. Before he gets to that though, he still has a few other films on the way though, including Pixels, which just released its first trailer.

The premise is far-fetched, but Hollywood and far-fetched go hand in hand. Aliens intercept a probe launched in 1982 filled with Earth iconography, and they take the old school, pixilated video games of the era to be a declaration of war. So naturally, they come to Earth in the form of those video game characters, because… reasons.

Of course, the only people that can stop the video game aliens are people that are classic arcade video game champions.

Pixels also stars Kevin James, professional meat bag and companion on Sandler’s long downward spiral, who for some ungodly reason stars as the President of the United States. Joining them is Josh Gad as the resident lovable loser of the group, and Peter Dinklage, who lends the film at least a touch of credibility. Sean Bean also stars – $50 says he dies in it.

There’s just something abrasive about Sandler’s appearance in the film. It’s a concept that could be fun, but Sandler has baggage these days. He projects a cynicism that makes a silly concept darker. Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus, who is best known for formerly making good family films.

But hey, it has Dinklage and Bean. Poor, perpetually doomed Bean. It’s also just a first trailer. Pixels comes out on July 24, 2015.



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