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First look at Melissa Benosit as Supergirl, and it is weird

Supergirl TV costume

The upcoming Supergirl TV show is moving ahead quickly. Casting is nearly complete, filming is about to begin, and now we have a costume to pick apart in the way that only an Internet-based fanbase analyzing a property taken from a formerly under-appreciated genre can do! Huzzah!

supergirl tv costumeCBS has released, via, the first official look at Melissa Benoist in costume as Supergirl. Have at it, people.

The project has a lot going for it already. It’s being produced by Arrow and The Flash producer Greg Berlanti. It also stars Benoist, who is coming off a lauded performance in the Oscar darling Whiplash. The supporting cast is shaping up nicely as well, with Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, David Harewood as the head of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, and Faran Tahir will appear as the villain “The Commander.” Helen Slater and Dean Cain – former Superman and Supergirl, respectively – will also show up in some capacity.

The costume though is a bit, well, dumb, in my opinion. Still, there is a lot going in the show’s favor, so it definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt.

There’s just something about the costume that is off. Part of it is the pose. Granted, it is a traditional “hero” pose, but that pose has been so overused and even parodied that it is almost difficult to take seriously. And then there’s the skirt. Is it a “super-skirt?”

It is traditional based on the comics, so you can’t fault the costume designers. Maybe I just need to see it in action. It just seems silly to fight a life or death struggle in a skirt.

To be fair, Supergirl would have to be bad – offensively bad – for me not to watch. If you need proof of that, just check out our obsessively compiled list of comic TV shows in development.

Supergirl will debut in fall on CBS.



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