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This is what happens when you shoot fireworks under ice

Fireworks under ice

If you have ever wondered what it looks like to shoot off powerful fireworks under ice, then this video taken in Sweden will fill that niche.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were able to make a firework explode under a sheet of ice?

If you grew up in a cold climate with fresh water nearby, there is a decent chance you’ve at least given it some thought – and then maybe dismissed it because of how difficult it might be.

To begin with, it requires a very specific type of firework that can burn in water. There are a few types, but ideally it is also one that has some propulsion – you don’t want an explosive detonating under a sheet of what is about to become icy shrapnel.

Assuming you have all that, you also need the right type of ice. You don’t want the ice to be too thin, or there’s no point. Too thick and it won’t make a dent on the ice.

In the video below posted by YouTuber Nils Bremer, and re-posted by Huff Po, the conditions come together nicely.

The video was taken somewhere in Sweden under the title “Meanwhile in Sweden, fishing with fireworks.”

Beyond that, it doesn’t have any description.  And really, what more do you need to know? It’s a guy firing a firework under a sheet of ice. Pretty much self explanatory.

Check it out below.



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