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Firefly’s Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion reunite for a new web series

Firefly stars reunite

If you are still holding out hope for a Firefly reunion, I feel for you, but it might be time to let it go. Instead, check out what may be the second best thing.

Firefly stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are working on a new web series called Con Man. It isn’t exactly Firelfy 2.0, but it is very much in the spirit of the making of that show, if not the show itself.

Con Man is written by and will star Tudyk as an actor named Wray Nerely, who appeared on a sci-fi TV show known and “Spectrum,” where he played a pilot. The show was cancelled, but it became a cult classic. This should all ring a few bells at this point. Nerely now spends much of his time doing the sci-fi guest circuit, appearing at conventions, comic book stores, and various events. Tudyk was quick to point out in the video that Con Man is not about the fans, who he and Fillion both love, but rather the strange lifestyle of the celebrities.

Fillon will appear as Jack Moore, the cancelled show’s captain and Nerely’s best friend. Unlike Nerely, Moore went on to A-list stardom as an action movie hero.  There will also be some involvement from the cast of Firefly, including Sean Maher and Gina Torres. Check out the video below, which also contains some unsuspecting cameos from Felicia Day, James Gunn, Seth Green, and others.

To get the show up and running Tudyk and Fillion turned to crowdfunding via an Indiegogo campaign. The initial goal was $425,000, but the campaign easily passed that. There are some flex goals, and it would be shocking if the campaign didn’t pass those as well.

The initial goal was to produce three episodes, while the second goal of $500,000 granted access to private Instagram accounts. The third goal of $575,000 bumped the episode total to four, while the fourth goal of $650,000 grants digital comics of the fictional Spectrum show to all funders. The fifth and final goal of $725,000 will mean a fifth episode.

That final goal should be incredibly easy to reach. When I started writing this article, the amount pledged was around $550,000. I then took a short break. By the time I published the article, it was nearing $675,000. It should easily pass $725,000 by the end of the day. More funding is never a bad thing though, so every additional dollar over the final goal will simply help to make it even better.

Check it out, and fund away.

(And while you’re at it, maybe you could check out the Dead Beats Panel’s Indiegogo campaign too? Just saying…)



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