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Finally, a reality TV event we can all get behind: A live exorcism

Finally a reality TV event we can all get behind: A live exorcism

With the exception of Top Chef and some really freaky Japanese stuff, I tend to avoid reality shows. They bring out the worst in people, and many of the “real life” portrayals end up feeling more scripted than a soap opera. I have nothing against the genre – god knows I watch some ridiculous stuff – it’s just not my thing.

There are some exceptions though. The best – in my opinion – are the ones where people are showing audiences things that already exist, but we don’t generally get to see or experience. That includes travel shows to remote locations, inner looks at remarkable industries that don’t get much attention, and some generally crazy shit.

A new show from Destination America falls very much in that third category.

Exorcism: Live! Will air on Friday, October 30, and as advertised, it will follow a group of self-proclaimed ghost hunters known as the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, stars of the Destination America show Ghost Asylum. They will be joined Chip Coffey, a psychic medium from another show, Paranormal State.

The group will head to St. Louis to the house made famous for inspiring William Peter Blatty’s novel, The Exorcist. The show will attempt to exorcise the building itself rather than a person/demon-infested meat suit.

The program will air live, and it will also simulcast in a way. Cameras will be set up throughout the house with live streams capturing any potential weirdness. Destination America is encouraging viewers to keep an eye on things and take to Twitter to discuss the goings on.

It’s a ridiculous idea; not that the show will focus on the supernatural – that’s actually kind of cool – just the idea that they will live broadcast the exorcism of a house. What are they hoping will happen? Are the walls going to bleed? If they do, will anyone actually buy that it isn’t a setup?

Shy of a demon being caught on camera screaming curses as it is sucked down into a hellhole, the results re likely going to be underwhelming.

With that said, I will probably watch, because I am a sucker for this sort of thing. If nothing else, it could turn into a glorious trainwreck.

As Cinemablend notes, this isn’t the first live exorcism to hit the TV. Check out a retro exorcism below, and join me on October 30.



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