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Fallout 4 Easter eggs: From finding Cheers to shooting aliens

Fallout 4 easter eggs

It’s kind of crazy to think that Fallout 4 has been out for a while now, and millions of people are playing it, and yet there are still Fallout 4 Easter eggs being discovered all the time. It’s nuts. The game is huge, and it just keeps on going.

And God help us all when the DLC starts to be released. Or maybe more specifically, God help the loved ones of the people playing Fallout 4. Maybe there can be a support group for the non-gamers so they can discuss what it was like before they discovered the Commonwealth.

In fact, there are so many Fallout 4 Easter eggs that have been discovered, and so many more that will probably be discovered in the coming weeks and months that it just made sense to split this section off from our larger Fallout 4 tips and tricks guide. We will also add plenty of images to help you find the Easter eggs, so it made sense to separate it.

This post is a work in progress. We will add more Easter eggs as they become available – and trust us, there will be more to come.

Fallout 4 Easter eggs:

  • Cheers. You can find the bar from the Boston-based show just west of Boston Commons – it is not a discoverable location. Look for the building with the prompt that reads “Prost.” (Prost is German for cheers.)
  • Christmas. Head to Diamond City on Christmas Day for a few cool new decorations.
  • UFOs. There is a random event that happens in Fallout 4 involving the crash of a UFO. Many believe it happens after clearing Vault 75, but it can happen anytime after completing a “dungeon,” and you earn a powerful alien weapon as a reward. When it crashes, just listen for the “Garbled Radio” Station on your Pip-Boy. You may also need to be level 20 or above to trigger it.
  • Valentine and the Mysterious stranger. If you have Valentine as your companion and you build up the “MYsterious Companion” perk, Nick will get very excited when the stranger appears.
  • Jaws. There is a boat located a little bit off of the eastern shore containing a nod to the film Jaws.
  • Edgar Allen Poe. After travelling to Fort Independence for the Minutemen, there is a nod to Boston native Edgar Allen Poe’s famous story The Cask of Amontillado.
  • Good Will Hunting. In the CIT rotunda, you’ll find a chalkboard with the equation from the MAtt Damon film.
  • Developer room. On the PC, hit the tilde key (~) to bring up the command prompt, then type “coc qasmoke” to enter the developer room and see all the weapons. It will reboot your game, so save first.
  • Lost. Southwest of Concord there is a hatch in the ground. It only has one option, “detonate.”
  • Alien. There is a mysterious nod to the 1979 film Alien in Fallout 4, but no one’s entirely sure what it is or what it means. The “Flux Sensor” has a series of numbers on it that relate to the Nostromo, the ship Ripley was on. You can see the numbers and where to find the item here.
    • There are apparently more numbers in the game, but what they signify is a mystery.
  • Blade Runner. There is a quick shout out to the film Blade Runner located on the roof of the Mass Fusion Containment Shed, located due west of the Breakheart Banks. Climb up the ventilation on the southwestern wall, and look for the Easter egg – you don’t get anything, but it’s a cool nod to the film.
  • Grognak the Barbarian. When you are on the mission looking for the Silver Shroud costume, you will find yourself in the Hubris Comic Shop. You’ll find the Silver Shroud costume as part of the mission, but you can also find the Grognak costume.
  • The Maze House. Located east of Milton General, you’ll find the Maze House (it is not found on the map). There’s no specific quest, but the house is a maze of traps. At the end, you’ll find a pair of cages loaded with stuff, in something of an homage to Saw. You can only open one though, so choose wisely.

Do you have any Fallout 4 Easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments below!



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