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Looking for an excuse to get out of cleaning? A ghost knocking things around should do it

Looking for an excuse to get out of cleaning? A ghost knocking things should do it

A video from a central England pub known as the Chapel House shows what the staff claims is a ghost knocking things around.

Next time you are at work and still need to do a little bit of cleaning, a British pub just came up with a foolproof way of getting out of it. Just tell the bosses that a ghost is messing with you. If they don’t believe you, just show them this video.

The clip below was recorded at the Chapel House pub in Dudley, a town in central England. According to the Huffington Post, the pub’s manager, Katie Ann Round, was cleaning up with her fiancé, Ben Parkes, when weird things started happening.

Things start to get odd when a caution sign seems to begin to sway back and forth on its own. You can write some of that as the floor simply being slippery, but it doesn’t account for how the sign seems to slam shut and fall in the opposite direction of the way it was moving a few seconds earlier. If it was just a slippery floor, you’d expect the sign to fall in the other direction.

After hearing the sound of the sign falling, the couple comes back to investigate. While Parkes is looking in the other direction, a mop then seems to fall. Again, you could easily write that off just odd timing, but the two events together are enough to scare the couple right out of the area.

Although it wasn’t caught on camera, Round told The Daily Mail that soon after the events in the video, a glass flung off a shelf and hit Parkes in the chest, seemingly unaided.

It’s not the first time that a presumed ghost has messed with cleaning supplies, and it won’t be the last. You’d figure the afterlife would have more interesting diversions than the custodial arts, but maybe they know something we don’t.

Check out the clip below and as always, make up your own mind.



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