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Evolve tips and tricks for monsters and hunters

Evolve Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Evolve tips and trick guide! Please enjoy it, because it will soon be changing, possibly dramatically.

When it comes to multiplayer games, there really is only so much you can prepare for when they first arrive. You can know the rules, learn how the characters work, and have a general strategy in mind, but all of that may soon be rendered obsolete. That’s the nature of multiplayer games – they change, and often.

Call it finding exploits, call it people fully embracing the depths of the game, but the more people play an MP the more that community finds ways to push it in directions that were previously unheard of. And all it takes is once. A person/team introduces a new strategy that is effective, and it spreads.

So! Now that we’ve covered all that, the guide below is a good primer to help you get started and to give a few good tips – for now. Evolve can and almost certainly will change. The way people play now may soon seem quaint as new strategies are developed. Because of that, we’ll try to refresh this guide with new Evolve tips and tricks as frequently as we can.

In the meantime, if you have any Evolve tips and tricks, strategies, or general suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!

General Tips

Evolve tips and trickPlay solo

Evolve is designed to be played online. If you don’t like playing with other people, this isn’t the game for you. That said, there is a solo campaign, and you should check it out.

When you are first getting started and still learning to play, watching how the AI plays can help teach you what you need to do. The AI controlled characters are actually fairly smart, and this is especially handy if you aren’t sure how to play the more unique characters.

It’s also a good way to try out the monster without facing people that know the tricks and have memorized the maps. The bots are often going to be better than average human player, and they remain consistent, which is great for learning. Plus, you still gain experience; if you are getting embarrassed online, go it alone and level up.

Playing solo also allows you to learn the various game modes. Try the 5-day campaign and you can experience several types of games without having to learn with teammates that don’t have the patience to explain.

You can also play against the AI with a up to three other friends. At that point you may as well just go online, but if it is you and one other person alone, try playing the AI. You can experiment with a bit more freedom.


Evolve tips and trick

There are specific strategies for each class of hunter that we’ll get in to, but there are also things you should do regardless of your character. These are tips that anyone and everyone can follow, and they also can help you understand how the game works on a fundamental level.  Once you know that, you can manipulate it and do things no one thought of before.

Many of the tips here may not fit your exact playstyle, but they will at least hopefully give you some ideas to succeed.

General tips

  • Kill large wildlife. It can give you a buff, which can make a huge difference.
  • You can only carry one buff at a time, so don’t grab a new one without looking.
  • Don’t kill smaller wildlife unless you have to. Most animals will leave you alone, and if you kill and leave one, you just left dinner sitting out for a passing monster.
  • Stick together! Keep in a tight group – right up until a dome drops, then split up and make the monster choose a single target. If you have a team of leveled up characters, you can risk spreading out – but only if you are communicating with your teammates. Once the monster hits stage two, regroup.
  • Know your teammates’ dropship respawn counter. If there are one or two hunters left and the monster is still healthy, run and wait for the dropship to release your team. If you attack the monster alone, you are almost guaranteeing it a victory.
  • When you are on the dropship, add 10-15 seconds to the timer. Once it hits zero, you still have to sit through an animation of the character dropping back in, then you have to touch the ground.
  • When the monster hits stage three and you don’t see it, head directly to the power relay. Don’t waste time hunting anymore, run to the relay and set up defenses.
  • Use your map, and move in patterns. If you are speaking to your teammates, move in a line. Keep in sight of the nearest teammate, but stay close.
  • When using a character that leaves behind equipment (a trap, harpoon, mines, etc), think ahead. You can leave traps in certain, heavily traveled areas. Maybe you’ll get a lucky hit.
  • Get good with each character class. You’ll have your favorites, but you won’t be able to guarantee you’ll get that character. Practice with all of them.

Evolve Tips and Tricks


The assault class is the most traditional FPS style of character found in Evolve. If you’ve played any FPS games, you already have an idea of what to do.

In Evolve, the assault is your key to all offensive attacks. The character can’t – and shouldn’t – be the only means of attack, but if your assault character isn’t involved in attacking the monster, your team will lose. All assault characters also have a personal shield that makes them invulnerable for 10 seconds. Save it as long as you can. Take a few hits until you are the focus of the monster’s attention, use the shield, have your medic heal you, and unload on the beast while your team regroups. Shields can be broken, but you’ll get plenty of damage in first.

Choose your assault class based on your ideal range of attack. If you like a little more mobility, for example, Hyde’s flamethrower is not for you. Regardless of who you choose, be aggressive. Once the dome drops on the monster, you should go nuts.

  • Know the state of your team when fighting the monster. If everyone else is struggling to survive, you can buy them time to escape, even if it means you wind up in the dropship.
  • Don’t attack the monster until your team is ready. Once you engage, the monster will have to choose fight or flight. Make sure your team is ready for either.
  • Since your job is to rain down the damage, aim for weak spots created by your teammates. If there aren’t any specific weak spots, aim for the head.

Evolve Tips and Tricks


A good medic can make the difference between winning and losing. Each of the medic characters has their own pros and cons, and each has offensive capabilities that can help kill the monster. Medics should focus on healing though. They will also be the prime target for most monsters. Stay mobile, and keep out of the direct line of fire. All medics also feature the ability to burst heal. This can make all the difference during a fight, and it is the only way for a medic to heal themselves. It’s also an easy way for the monster to spot you, so don’t drop it carelessly.

Choose your medic based on the team. If you are playing with less experienced members, you may want to bring Lazarus, who has the ability to heal even dead characters. If you have a powerful team that is good at dealing damage, you may want Caira and her grenades. Val also has her perks – it is a matter of strategy and preference.

  • If the monster spots you, run. You can’t do much against it, and killing you first is likely its strategy.
  • You can always use the medic as bait for the monster. If your team is coordinating, once the dome is down, have everyone throw down any trap like items they have (mines, harpoons, etc.). Send the medic into the view of the monster, and use an ability that identifies them as a medic. Have the monster give chase right into the waiting traps.
  • While you are busy keeping your team alive, it is their responsibility to help protect you. Let them know if you are wounded or struggling.

Evolve Tips and Tricks


Support is a great character for people looking for a balanced class. It also means you are arguably the lynchpin to the team. If your support isn’t doing their job, your team can’t function properly. You can still beat the monster, but you’re missing out on how the game was meant to be played.

The support class is the second most powerful when it comes to damage output. They also offer defensive capabilities, so the support class should keep a close eye on how the fight is going. If the monster is getting crushed, stick with offensive; if it is winning, go defensive and regroup.

  • Given support’s ability to go offensive or defensive – and potentially change the course of a battle because of it – if you want to assign a team leader, support may be the best fit.
  • Learn the recharge times for the individual weapon/equipment, for each support character. They vary significantly. Keep that in mind when you join a team.

Evolve Tips and Tricks


The trapper is arguably the most essential, and most overlooked hunter. Their primary goal should be to find the monster, then trap it with a dome. After that the harpoons are useful and the gun can do damage, but trapper should be focused on getting to the fight before all else.

Assuming your team is working together, the trapper is the best possible scout. Depending on the character, they should either follow the trail, or set the search pattern. If your team is talking, trapper should take the lead at this point, at least until the monster is under the dome. If the trapper dies, even if your team sees the monster, you might as well just wait. You need the trapper.

  • If a monster at stage one or two chooses to attack your team, stay back. Let your team get some hits in, then when the monster turns to run, throw the dome. You should have enough time to finish it off.
  • If you are for whatever reason not fully engaged in the hunt (maybe you are on the phone), choose another class. Trapper needs to lead the way.
  • If you split up, the support and trapper make a good team. They can slow the monster and defend each other until the others can arrive.
  • Don’t waste the dome. Sometimes playing a hunch can pay off and you’ll trap the monster, but the reload time is brutal if you miss.


Evolve tips and trick

Each monster has its own strategies, and each player controlling that monster may use a completely different way of playing.

Whoever you are, and however much you’ve played, your initial goal should be the same – evolve and survive. There is always a small chance you could kill a team at level one, but it is unlikely. Level two can take out a team that isn’t working well together, but level three is the ideal. Kill, eat, grow.

General tips

  • Use your smell to find prey to eat and to get an idea where the hunters are. Use it often.
  • If you are facing a team with Maggie and Daisy, you can use the water to fool Daisy’s tracking abilities. She will still be able to find you, but Daisy can’t swim and will need to go the long way to reach you.
  • When you first choose your abilities at the start of a match, choose one power, two at most. If you are trapped under a dome, it’s better to attack with a single powerful strike that can scatter the hunters than use weak strikes that leave you vulnerable afterwards.
  • Don’t kill large wildlife until stage two. Sure, you can level up quicker, but it takes longer and you’ll take more damage doing it.
  • If the trapper is chasing you, but their teammates aren’t keeping up, try to take them out quickly. If you can kill them before they drop a dome, go hunt the rest of the scattered team and you may be able to get and easy win.
  • When you hit the third stage, decide what to do based on the team you face. If the team is disorganized, go for the power relay. It will force them to you, and you can possibly win before they can do anything. If the team is together though, they may be waiting for you. Approach cautiously.


  • Don’t overlook the monster’s ability to move with stealth. You won’t leave tracks, and if you can avoid markers like birds, you can hide and watch as hunters go right past you.
  • Use the environment to your benefit. Startle birds as a distraction, then go the opposite direction, or use stealth and go towards the hunters and pass right by them.
  • Even if you are under a dome, you can still hide from the hunters if the team isn’t well organized. Just look for something to hide behind and go stealth.
  • When you are ready to evolve, find a place that is remote and hidden. The process takes a few seconds, and picking your ability upgrades takes a few additional seconds on top of that.

Under the dome

  • If you find yourself trapped under the dome and you aren’t in a position to kill the hunters, head for higher ground. If you can find a good plateau, you can smack the hunters down as they try to jump up, over and over again. When the dome drops, make a break.
  • If the team you are facing stay together in a group, go after them. Use area attacks and be aggressive. If they split up, choose your targets. The medic is always a good first person to go after. There are plenty of strategies on who to kill second.
  • If you are able, stay on a downed hunter until they are dead. If you kill one and they are revived a few seconds later, you gained nothing.
  • Certain maps contain tunnels. If you can’t shake your pursuers, lure them into a tunnel. If the trapper isn’t thinking about it and throws the dome down, they haven’t trapped you, you’ve trapped them. Use the close quarters to your advantage.

More Evolve tips and tricks coming soon!

As noted, Evolve continues to change. We’ll keep updating the post, but let us know what we missed in the comments below! We’ll also update with post with DLC info. Turtle Rock Studios should be coming out with more details on that soon.



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